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We are open
We have had several people inquire about whether we going to close. We are open and planning on staying open. Our wide open spaces are great if you want to get away from people. For those who have a trailer here, it might be the ideal place to isolate yourself for a bit. We have taken precautions to reduce the risk of spreading the infection: We have always cleaned the public areas regularly. But we have added the additional step of disinfecting "touch" areas (door knobs, locks, counters, handrails, etc...) three times per day. Sick team members are always encouraged ...
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Access this weekend
‪If you’re coming to Bare Oaks this weekend, you’ll see that Kennedy Road is closed at Doane Road for construction. But that’s happening just past our driveway so you still need to access from the south end. Just ask the nice attendant to let you through. ‬ ...
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Camera Lens Covers
We have had a number of incidents last summer where people using their smartphones looked like they were taking pictures. The Bare Oaks policy on photography has always welcomed picture taking as long as everyone within range gave permission. This was easy to manage when photography was only done using specific picture-taking devices. But the ubiquity of phones with built-in cameras and the fact that people are always using them has led to a great deal of consternation. To solve this problem, members and visitors are now required to have a Bare Oaks camera sticker on the lens if they ...
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Trailer Open House - Site 218
Have you been thinking you'd like a new deck, sunroom, or trailer? Or are you just curious about what the options are? Or do you just want to see a new trailer, sunroom, and deck? Come to site 218, get a tour, and ask all your questions this weekend: Saturday July 20 - 2pm to 5pm Sunday July 21 - 11am to 1pm ...
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Flooding from torrential rains yesterday evening
There were heavy rains yesterday evening and we've had some flooding in the park. The Black River broke its banks. Area roads may be flooded. Environment Canada issued a warning of up to 50mm/hour. Our weather station registered 124mm/hour at 19h40. A daily total of 77.5mm by 20h30. (there was 0.3mm at 13h00 and 4.8mm at 16h15) For more facts like this, check our weather station at ...
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