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WiFi Ready!
Everything seems to be working extremely well!. The final equipment has been installed and the deficiencies have been addressed. As such, we are starting the one week countdown to switching to the new system. The last day for the old system and the unlimited free internet is June 20th. After that the old system will disappear and the pricing structure announced previously will take effect. To ensure uninterrupted access you will need to purchase your tickets from the office before that date. 30 minutesOne DayOne WeekOne MonthOne YearBasicFree, 1mbps$5.31 +HST1mbps$19.47 +HST1mbps$38.94 +HST1mbpsn/aPremiumn/a$10 +HST2 devicesup to 25mbpsunlimited data$40 +HST2 devicesup to ...
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Cheers at the Bare Bistro patio
It's official!  We are entering "Step 1" of Ontario's reopening plan on Friday!  That means: The Bare Bistro patio is open!  (you can also still do take-out) Overnight stays in campsites, rooms, and cabins are back! The pool is open! Yoga and Meditation are both in person (outdoor, maximum of 10) and online! Complete details here: Since the Victoria Day weekend, we have been on summer hours (9am – 7pm Sun-Thu & 9am-9pm Fri-Sat) ...
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WiFi speedtest showing 26.2 Mbps
The new WiFi system is working very well – where it is working. Unfortunately some of the equipment did not work when installed and needs to be replaced. New equipment was configured and shipped. We are told that the repairs will be done within a week or so. Until everything is working properly, the new WiFi is FREE and UNLIMITED for everyone! The new WiFi is called "Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park". The old "Bare Oaks" and "Bare Oaks Premium" are still working to cover some of the areas of the park where the new system is not working properly ...
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a naturist family at the beach
The government of Ontario has released its "Roadmap to Reopen". The initial stage which they call "Before Step One" allows us to open to visitors and members for day use of "outdoor recreational amenities". The toilets in the clubhouse are also open for those who are visiting but all other indoor facilities are closed. The office and store are open and, starting on Saturday, are switching to summer hours: Sunday to Thursday 9am-7pm & Friday to Saturday 9am-9pm. The Bare Bistro is open for take-out only. With 20 hectares (50 acres) there are lots of places where you can enjoy some ...
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Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard is tasty in a salad but very destructive to Ontario's native plants. It was brought over from Europe as a crop and has escaped into our environment where it is dominating and killing local species. We are having trouble controlling it at Bare Oaks. We are currently closed to visitors. However, it is essential to control this plant now because it is easy to identify while it is flowering and it should be removed before it goes to seed. So as a special exception, volunteers are sought to come to the park as essential workers under the following ...
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