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Big Rock Kids' Camp
Two changes to our Saturday kids' club: It is now FREE because we want everyone to have a chance to participate It starts at 11 a.m. so that parents don't have to rush ...
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Globe and Mail Opinion Column about Gwen Jacob 30th anniversary of her arrest
Today is the 30th anniversary of Gwen Jacob’s arrest for walking topfree, as men were doing, on a very hot summer day. She fought the charge and eventually won which gave all women that freedom. One of today's Globe and Mail opinion columns reflects on how society has changed since then. ...
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Big Rock Kids Club at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
The Big Rock Kids Club (formerly Kids' Bare Blast) starts today at 10am and runs every Saturday until Labour Day. Two hours of fun with games, crafts, and stories for the kids aged 4 to 12; and a two hour break for parents. Meet at the rock in front of the clubhouse. $10/kid – tax included. Buy it ahead or pay cash in person. Available only to the children of members and registered visitors ...
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Canadian Flag at Half Mast in East Gwillimbury
As we recognize Canada Day at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, we acknowledge that the territory upon which we gather are the traditional lands of the Williams Treaties First Nations, with the Chippewas of Georgina Island being our closest neighbour. This year in particular we remember the thousands of indigenous children who were taken from their homes by Canadian government order and forced into residential schools where they suffered and sometimes died as a result. Today, as we remember Canada's accomplishments, we need to also recognize our past mistakes because as people of character and integrity, we must accept our ...
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Nude volleyball at Bare Oaks
The Ontario Government has officially announced that we are moving to Step Two of reopening on Wednesday June 30th. For Bare Oaks that means: The volleyball tournament is ON! All outdoor sports without contact are allowed Restaurant capacity (outdoors) increases to a maximum of 6 per table Outdoor social gatherings increase to a maximum of 25 people Indoor social gatherings now allowed with a maximum of 5 people Outdoor fitness (e.g. Yoga at Bare Oaks) now has no limit as long as they can stay 3 metres apart We will update our COVID-19 page closer to the date when the ...
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