September 6, 2008
Greg S.
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Heather chaired this meeting.

Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference for the Bare Oaks Social Committee (BOSC) were reviewed and minor revisions made to it.
Motion: "The Terms of Reference as revised be adopted by the committee."
Made By Greg, Seconded by Kim Carried

Action Item #1: Heather is to make the revisions and publish the Terms of Reference.

Committee Positions
After discussion and agreement by the Committee the following Members will fill the following Committee positions:

Chair: Greg S,
Vice Chair: Heather
Secretary: Rainy
Treasurer: Kim
Web Responsibility: Greg
Volunteer Coordinator: Stony
Proposal Administrator: Dwight
Children's Activities Coordinator: No One, suggested we contact Chris and James to see if they are interested.

Action Item #2: Stephane to contact Chris and James and give them Heather's email.

Processing Proposal Submissions
An Event Proposal form (attached) has already been designed.  Blank forms have been placed in the foyer with an envelope to place completed forms.  An electronic version of the form will be made available on the SOSC web site soon.
Greg S. presented a Proposal Routing Form (attached) to be used with all Event Proposal form.  This will give BOSC the method of approving and getting signatures or email conformation from the Chair and Stephane.
Motion: "The Event Proposal Form and the Proposal Routing Form be adopted for use by the BOSC"
Made by Rainy, Seconded by Heather. Carried

Action Item #3: Greg is to make a web based form.

Proposed Events
The following Event Proposals were received prior to this meeting:

Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner, Oct 12, Heather is Event Coordinator.

Ad Hoc Dinners and Breakfasts, various through out winter, Paul is Event Coordinator.   Schedule to be communicated to Greg S. for updating the Events Calendar.

Halloween Dinner/Dance, Oct 25, Paul is Event Coordinator.  Cost $15 per person.

Holiday Dinner/Dance, Nov 29, Paul is Event Coordinator.  Cost $15 per person.

Summer Monthly Pot Luck Dinners, 3rd Saturday of month May to September, Heather is Event Coordinator.

Spring Dinner/Dance, April 25, Paul is Event Coordinator. Cost $15 per person.

Illumination Night , September 5, Heather is Event Coordinator.

Chili Cook Off, September 6, Heather is Event Coordinator.

Pot Luck Dinner, September 6, Heather is Event Coordinator.

Action Item #4: Dwight to complete Routing Forms on above events.

Action Item #5: Greg S. to post to Events calender when received from Dwight.

Ideas for Future Events
Here are some ideas suggested for events:
Rib Fest Civic Holiday weekend August 1
Show and Shine July 18
Golf Tournament August 15 followed by normally scheduled Pot Luck Dinner.
Christmas in July, July 25
Winterfest, February 9
Valentine's Dance February 14
Dinner Theater, March 14

Ideas for Future Events (cont)
Petanque Tournament
Wave Pool Swims by ORB.

Emails from social@bareoaks.ca
These emails will go to Greg S. and Heather.

Stephane's Comments
A forum will be created that will allow anonymous moderated posting.

A member's meeting will be held October 18 or 19.

Stephane suggested Movie nights be held in the New Forest Room on Friday Nights.  Theme will be naturist movies.

Dishwashing stations will be constructed behind the washroom on Becket Circle.  Further away from the washrooms to the east a community above ground fire pit will be constructed next spring.

Next Meetings
Here is a list of the scheduled meetings of BOSC.  All meetings at 1 pm in the New Forest Room.

October 4
November 8
January 8
February 14
March 15

Motion: "To close meeting"
Made by Stony.  Seconded by Dwight. Carried


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