November 8, 2008
Greg S.
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 1:08 pm.

Secretary's Report
Rainy present the minutes of September's meeting.
Amend October 8th Minutes under Handling Finances change sanctioned to scheduled.
Amend October 19th minutes the Motion made Heather to "Through the Hearts & Flowers Fund to donate to Larry the money raised at the Thanksgiving Potluck."
Motion: "The Minutes of the October 8 & October 19 2008 meetings be accepted as amended."
Made By Heather, Seconded by Suzy Carried

Treasurer's Report
Currently have $100.00 on hand.
Money donated to Larry $702.50, this includes money raised at Thanksgiving Potluck ($165), Halloween Dinner/Dance by asking for donations for Larry ($215), Shelly donated her winnings from the 50/50 draw ($49.50), Stony's Liquor draw ($40) November 1 Breakfast by the 4M's ($233).
Motion: "The Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented."
Made By Rainy, Seconded by Dwight Carried

Report on Recent Events
Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner: went well with 40 people attending.  Having use of kitchen and warming trays was appreciated.
Halloween Dinner/Dance: well attended with 63 people.  This is the maximum The New Forest Room can accommodate.  This was the first event where tickets were sold; seemed to be a good way of getting numbers and getting people to commit to an event.
Motion: "When an event is proposed where the profits go to others than the Bare Oaks Social Committee (BOSC) then the BOSC will receive a minimum of 15% of the profits."
Made By Heather, Seconded by Rainy Carried

Proposed Events
The following Event Proposals were received prior to this meeting:

Rib and Karaoke/Dance with Bonfire August 1, 2009.  Heather is Event Coordinator.  BOSC approved.

St. Patrick's Dinner/Dance. March 14, 2009. By 4M's.  Profits to Mini Golf.  BOSC approved pending amendment to profits as made in previous motion.

Horseshoe Tournament, July 11, 2009.  Organized by Lori.  BOSC approved.

Tie Dye. July 25, 2009.  Coordinator is Joan.  BOSC approved.

Badminton Tournament, August 22, 2009.  Organized by Lori.  BOSC approved.

Gift Baskets Draw.  Draw to be held on Christmas Dinner/Dance.  Organized by Cathy.  Profits to go to mini golf course.  BOSC approved pending amendment to profits as made in previous motion.

Youth Fun Fair.  September 6, 2009.  Organized by Suzy.  BOSC approved.

Dwight will advise all organizers about their proposals except the 4M's which will be handled by Greg.


Past Business
Suzy inquired about a WSIB concern about outside entertainment coming in to the park.  WSIB is not required by outside entertainment.

Suzy was assured that "strive" did not mean she had to put on activities for youth.  Only if numbers and interest was present.

Web Page is still being worked on by Greg.  The social page will have a link on the main Bare Oaks web site.


New Business
Rainy's work donated a cash box.  Greg is going to get 4 duplicates of the key to hand out to Kim, Heather, Stony, Dwight.

Various Greeting Cards for Hearts and Flowers have been placed in the office so they can be sent when required.  To be signed "From your friends at Bare Oaks".  Office staff will mailthem as they have the addresses.


Next Meeting
Saturday December13. Note new start time of 11 am in the New Forest Room.

Future Meetings
January 8
February 14
March 15

Adjourn Meeting
Motion: "To close meeting"
Made by Stony.  Seconded by Don. Carried


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