January 10, 2009
Greg S.

Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 11:07 pm.


Chair's Remarks
Dwight has tendered his resignation from the board as he is leaving Bare Oaks.  I've been approached by some members of the Park stating that they wondered if we, the BOSC, have been open and transparent.  Points made were the unavailability of meeting minutes and having closed meetings.  Minutes were posted at the Park December 7th.  After discussion it was decided to have the meetings remain closed.  A binder with the minutes will also be placed in the Common Room of the Park for people to peruse.  Also the minutes will be available on the Bare Oaks web site soon.

Secretary's Report
Rainy presented the minutes of December 13th meeting.
Motion: "The Minutes of the December 13th be accepted as presented."
Made By Rainy, Seconded by Heather Carried

Treasurer's Report
Starting Balance $147.50
Proceeds from New Year's Eve Gala, 50/50 Draw and New Year's Day Breakfast $294.51
Balance - $442.01
Float for 50/50 draws - $40.00 withdrawn, held at Stony's along with tickets.
Balance in cash box 402.01
Motion: "The Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented."
Made By Rainy, Seconded by Dorothy Carried

Report on Recent Events
New Year's Eve Gala was very successful and fun.  There were 31 people who'd paid with 30 attending.  There were door prizes and the spot dance prizes were donated by John of Unitec.

Proposed Events
The following Event Proposals were received prior to this meeting:

Christmas in July - July 25, 2009 - Details to follow - Organized by Kim.  BOSC approved


Amended Proposed Events
The following Event Proposals were received prior to this meeting:



Past Business
Greg has had a few problems with the Social Committee Link web page but it will be up and running shortly.


New Business
Cards were sent to James C., Phil and Larry from the Hearts and Flowers.

A meeting for February 14 was decided not necessary.
Motion: "That the February meeting be cancelled."
Made by Heather.  Seconded by Rainy. Carried

Cameras are not allowed in the New Forest Room at anytime during a function.  Picture taking may only occur in front of fireplace in the Common Room with the subject's approval.  It was decided that any breaking of this rule would result in the camera being taken and put in the office and the incident would be reported to Stephane.  This is a Park rule already in place.


Next Meeting
Saturday March 14th, 2009 at 11 am - Teleconference is available.

Future Meetings
March 14, 2009

Adjourn Meeting
Motion: "To close meeting"
Made by Don.  Seconded by Stony. Carried


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