March 14, 2009
Greg S.
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 11:12 pm.  Welcomed Paul to the Committee.

Chair's Remarks
Paul has volunteered to take over the Proposal Coordinator position from Dwight.  Paul took over the website creation and did a terrific job.

Conflict of Interest
Paul stated he had a conflict of interest with two submitted proposals.  He also suggested this (Conflict of Interest) be a regular item on the Agenda.
Motion: Adoption of Agenda and Declaration of Conflict of Interest be added to the Agenda

Secretary's Report
Rainy presented the minutes of January 10th 2009 meeting.
Motion: "The Minutes of the January 10th 2009 be accepted as presented."
Made By Rainy, Seconded by Kim Carried

Treasurer's Report
Balance $401.20
Motion: "The Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented."
Made By Kim, Seconded by Dorothy Carried

Report on Recent Events
Valentine's Dinner/Dance was very successful and fun.  There were 39 people who'd paid with 37 attending.  There were door prizes and spot dance prizes.

Proposed Events
Discussion was held about when the term of the BOSC and approvals of events.
Motion: "Bare Oaks Social Committee approve proposed events from the beginning of the term to the end of the following calender year"
Made By Paul, Seconded by Stony Carried

The present BOSC may now approve events like Thanksgiving which is after it's term.  This allows for planning and advertising of the event.

The following Event Proposals were received prior to this meeting:

Halloween Dinner/Dance, Oct 31, 2009, organized by the 4M's. $18and $20 per person.
Christmas Dinner/Dance, Nov 28, 2009, organized by the 4M's. $18and $20 per person.

Motion: "That both proposals approved by BOSC."
Made By Rainy, Seconded by Dorothy Carried

Past Business
No old business was presented.


New Business
Youth Events
Suzy is struggling with organizing Youth Events.  Wondering if there are any youth to organize for and then not knowing what would be good events to hold.  Everyone on the Committee is either a non parent or empty nester so the committee experience is limited.  Mentioned about trying to get a parent on the Committee last summer but no one stepped forward. If we can find a parent to help Suzy they do not have to be members of the Committee.
Suggestion that Stephane email/mail members to find out interest for and events wanted by parents.

Heather reminded everyone that we are a Committee and may have different opinions on Committee business but once a Committee decision is made we need to speak with one voice.


Next Meeting
Saturday April 18th, 2009 at 11 am - Teleconference is available.

Future Meetings
May 16, 2009 11:00 am

Adjourn Meeting
Motion: "To close meeting"
Made by Heather.  Seconded by Kim. Carried


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