May 16, 2009
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 11:03 am.

Item 1 - Approval of Agenda
Motioned By Paul, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 2 - Declaraction of Conflict of Interest
This item was held over until later in the meeting.

Item 3 - Adoption of Minutes
Motioned By Heather, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Business Arising
Item 4 - Dog Event/Activities Proposal See Background Document at end of minutes.
A professional Dog Trainer is willing to come to the park and work with the members and their dogs.  He needs an enclosed space.  Suggested using snow fencing in the Strawberry Fields area.  Suzy to ask Stephane for approval.
Heather and Kim will look into the park rules regarding animals and make suggestions to enhance them.  This is for everyone's enjoyment of the park.  If necessary a petition will be started to get the rules changed.

Motion: “For 2009 - focus on creating the framework for youth activities and start dog related activities with a goal of raising sufficient funds to build a run where the BO dogs and owners can let their dogs play without a leash.”
Made By Suzy, Seconded by Heather. Carried

Item 5 - What is an event and what isn't?
Stephane has written an email addressing this and other concerns.  The contents of the email is at the end of the minutes.

At this time no one stated a Conflict of Interest (See Item 2).

Item 6 - Terms and Conditions of Committee Members and Elected Officers
See Background Document at end of Minutes.
Discussion took place concerning the recruitment of new members and selection of Officers.  A process needs to be developed as to how and when new people join the committee and how the Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are elected.  Everyone is to ponder this issue and we will discuss at June's meeting.

Motion: “The Committee members will serve for a minimum of one year.  Upon the completion of a term, the Committee member has the option to volunteer for additional terms.  The committee will elect the Chair each year.  People nominated for the Chair must have served on the Committee the previous term.  A person may only hold the Chair for two consecutive terms.”
Made By Heather, Seconded by Rainy. Carried

The other motions in the Background Document are tabled.

Item 7 - Event Proposals
Christmas in July
Golf Tournament

Tabled for more information:
Kid's Body Painting
Kid's Photo Class

Not approved:
Human Wheel Barrel Race
Not approved as it was not submitted by a Bare Oaks member.

Item 8 - Reports
A)   Volunteers: Stony will keep a master list of volunteers.  Stony will approach members to enquire if they are willing to be on the volunteer list.  Stony will ask for help from other committee members if required. B)   Youth Events: See Item 4 above. Suzy will be posting flyers about the Youth Fall fair. C)   Entertainment: Don handed out Entertainment Fee guideline.  The Chair will discuss this with Stephane but it is not a matter for BOSC to consider.  The guideline is attached to the minutes for information.

Item 9 - Events Report
Spring Fling Dinner/Dance was attended by 40 people.  Everyone had a good time.  The 4M's have raised enough money to start work on the miniature golf course.  BOSC congratulated Paul (representing the 4M's) on achieving their fund raising goal.  Now starts the labour part of the project.

Item 10 - Treasurer's Report
Balance $505.95
Receipts handed in by Rainy for cutting money box keys $16.23 and cards for the Hearts and Flowers $20.34.  Rainy donated these to the committee.
Motion: “That the Treasurer's report be accepted as presented.”
Made By Kim, Seconded by Heather. Carried

New Business
Agenda: The agenda is to have time allocation and the chair with the Secretary's help will ensure that the meeting moves along.

Heather as event organiser will contact member's about the Ports of Call Luncheon June 27, 2009.

Adjourn Meeting (1:04 pm)
Motion: “To close meeting”
Made By Suzy, Seconded by Paul. Carried

Next Meeting
Saturday June 20th, 2009 at 11 am - Teleconference is available.

Future Meetings
July 18th, 2009 11:00 am
August 15th, 2009 11:00 am
September 12th 2009 11:00 am

Ref # Item Person Responsible Outcome
1 Coordinate Comedy Night Don  
2 Canvass Park for volunteers Stony  
3 Draft BOSC Guidelines Kim  
4 Draft a meeting manual for orientation Heather  
5 * Temporary Dog Run Suzy  
6 * Park Rules and animals Heather & Kim  
7 * New Committee members All  
8 * Agenda Items to be timed Greg  
* Items added this meeting.

Item 4 Background Document
Proposal to Bare Oaks Social Committee members
For meeting scheduled on May 09, 2009
Presented by: Suzy

At the April 18th BOSC meeting, I commented that demographics (information such as age) for youth attending Bare Oaks on a regular basis was not available from the staff or captured during membership registration.

For this reason, I have found it difficult to plan activities targeted to the 'unknown' population of youth at Bare Oaks.

Since I want to continue my tenure on the Committee, I would like to modify the focus on my role to include dog related activities.


I would like to put forth an amendment to my role as follows:

  1. For 2009 - focus on creating the framework for youth activities and start dog related activities with a goal of raising sufficient funds to build a run where the BO dogs and owners can let their dogs play without a leash.

  2. If this amendment is accepted, we should also consider reiterating the rules of having a dog at BO such as:

    On leash or tied at the lot - AT ALL TIMES
    Poop and scoop

Item 5 Background Document
Stephane's message to the Committee:

I thought it best if I would write down for you my comments for the social committee.  Expecting you to remember them seems unfair.  As such, please read the following on my behalf:

I very much appreciate all the time and effort that the members of the social committee are putting in.  I think the role of the committee is an important one.  The committee provides an important link between all the members and Bare Oaks' management.  You help organize and coordinate events to prevent conflict.  You maintain the schedule and help foster a strong feeling of community at the park.  The counsel that comes from your experience and knowledge helps new organizers create new and successful events.

However, there have been some misunderstanding within membership about the role of the committee.  As such, I would like to clarify two areas:

1) Enforcement:
It is not the role of the social committee to police Bare Oaks.  In fact, I even ask my staff to avoid acting as the enforcers of rules and regulations unless it is absolutely necessary.  I prefer to handle violations myself if there's no immediate need.  I can't imagine why the social committee would ever have to enforce any rules on the spot.  I think most issues could be deferred to me.  That's better for everyone.  It doesn't put the committee members in an awkward position and it allows me to handle these issues my way.

2) Jurisdiction:
Despite what some members believe, I don't think it is our intent to force everybody to submit to the will of the social committee.  Some people believe that the social committee rules over all events at the park.  I don't think that power and control is the intent of the committee.  It's certainly not what I read in the terms of reference.  But there should be some clearer understanding of what should go through the social committee.  So, to clarify, nobody is forced to run an event through the social committee.  If someone wants to organize a card game in the clubhouse, they don't have to ask anybody's permission.  But if they do not go through the social committee (1) their event will not be included in the calendar (2) in case of a space/resource conflict, the event approved by the social committee will take precedence and (3) they will not benefit from the experience and knowledge of the social committee members.  This last item is an important one.  People who have not organized events before will not know what needs to be done, where resources are found, and who to talk to.

I trust that this makes sense to everyone.

Item 7 Background Document
By Heather

To bring the Bare Oaks community together in the organization and participation of Member hosted social events

To develop a process for staggered terms and succession planning in the population of Bare Oaks Social Committee (BOSC), allowing for the recruitment of new members.

Problem Statement
There is currently no contingency or process to allow for succession planning, orientation or consistency and carry-over of Committee procedures and business. The current Committee, being the pilot has all nine members beginning and ending their term at the same time.

The development of a staggered term process would entail varied term lengths of current committee members taking them past their initial term only to allow for the regulated terms on a go forward basis.

After receiving approval from Stephane Deschenes, a group of interested members convened the first meeting of BOSC on August 24, 2008. At that meeting the mission and purpose of BOSC were discussed and the process for recruitment of committee members began.

Over the following eight months the committee was populated with the maximum nine members, Terms of Reference and position descriptions were approved, several procedures were developed and the committee settled into regularly scheduled meetings and a process and procedures for scheduling events.

As per the BOSC Terms of Reference: The members of the Committee will serve for a minimum of one year. The Committee will appoint a chair each year.

There is no contingency for succession planning, staggered terms or the maximum number of consecutive terms a member may serve.

The following recommends a process for staggered terms and succession planning.

I am proposing that three definite terms of service on the Committee be developed. The duration of each term would be one year. Number of consecutive terms would be three. After one year off the Committee a member could volunteer for an additional term. There will be three overlapping terms: a, b and c. The three staggered terms will allow for succession planning and orientation. Suggested terms:

  1. *Two members serve from September to September (Labour Day) representing the end of season*
  2. Three members serve from January 1 to December 31representing the year end
  3. Three members serve from May 1 to April 30 representing the beginning of the season
* Succession of Chair be filled by the Vice Chair (VC)

The chair of the committee would vacate their seat on the committee upon completion of the one year term of office. This would afford the opportunity for a new member of the committee to sit as a member at large or take on the responsibility of another designation i.e.: Proposal Administrator, for one year and run for election as Vice Chair the second year and subsequently move into the position of Chair for their last term on the committee.

Recruitment for new committee members will continue throughout the year; however, begin in earnest during the season (May - October). Specific designations will depend on the interest of the new committee member and the needs of the Committee.

Suggested schedule for current committee terms (note this would not be normal procedure once staggered terms are regulated with the exception of VC):
  • *Vice Chair sit for additional term as Chair. Labour Day 2010 the VC for the 2009-2010 year would become chair for 2010-2011, etc.
  • Two members to begin term Labour Day 2009. This would not prevent any current member of the committee volunteering to sit for another term.
  • Three current committee members extend their term until Dec 31 (suggestion: Secretary & Treasurer)
  • Three current members continue their term until April 30 (suggestion: one of these committee members be Youth coordinator)

This would allow the committee to retain its full complement of members while laying the foundation for the staggered term process.

To amend the Terms of Reference “Term of Office” to read (amendments in bold italic):

The members of the Committee will serve for a minimum of one year. Upon the completion of a one-year term, the Committee member has the option to volunteer for an additional term up to the maximum of three consecutive terms.

After one year off, a previous Committee member can choose to volunteer to sit on the Committee again.

The Committee will appoint a chair each year. The Chair will vacate their seat on the Committee after their term of office (one year).

That the Vice Chair of BOSC takes on the position of Chair upon the completion of the ChairÕs one-year term.

That the terms of Committee members be as follows:
Two members begin their one year term on Labour Day
Three members begin their one year term on January 1
Three members begin their one year term on May 1

That three Committee members including the positions of Secretary and Treasurer extend their first term to December 31, 2009 to lay the foundation for staggered Committee member term.

Rationale: as part of the executive of the Committee Š Rainy and Kim are coming into the season with procedures and process to be honed and possibly passed on to a new member on January 1. This would not prevent Rainy and/or Kim to volunteer for an additional term starting January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.

That three Committee members including the position of Youth Event Coordinator extend their first year term to April 30, 2010 to lay the foundation for staggered Committee member terms.

Rationale: Youth activities will require additional time to get off the ground. By continuing in her position Suzy will have the opportunity to network with parents and youth over the season and develop a foundation and process to pre-plan and schedule youth events during the 2010 season. This would not prevent Suzy from volunteering for an additional term starting May 1, 2010 through April 30, 2011

2009 - 2011

The above chart shows clearly that by May 1, 2010 the Committee will be populated with all new members or current members volunteering for a second term.

Some suggested options for election/appointment of new Committee members:
  • Hold an election at the BOSC meeting two months prior to the start date of the position i.e.: July election for seat to be filled in September.
  • Current Committee members appoint or reassign members

The executive (Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) will continue to be elected by the committee.

Item 9 C BackGround Document
By Don

Entertainment Value


  • Volunteer DJ Services
  • DJ Services: Non-Special Events    $100 or credit
  • DJ Services: Special Occasion
    1. New Year's Eve Minimum Value    $300 or credit
    2. Valentine's Day Minimum Value    $200 or credit
  • Bands - All
    1. Normal Performance or Dance    $100 per player (minimum)
    2. New Year's Eve Minimum    $150 per player
    3. Valentine's Day Minimum    $100 per player


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