July 18, 2009
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 10:00 am sharp.

Item 1 - Approval of Agenda

Amendments proposed:
  • Item 6a Remove from agenda (Formal greeting committee)
  • Item Comedy night off the agenda Don not present
  • Change: Item 4b Monthly review of proposals moved to 5a
  • Defer new business due to discussion on agenda re orientation and revised TOR purpose.  If there is time we will address new business
Moved By Paul, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 2 - Declaraction of Conflict of Interest
No Conflicts stated.

Item 3a - Adoption of Minutes dated June 20th, 2009

Amendments proposed:
  • Item G #3 Motion: to read “Immediately following the AGM members of the BOSC will nominate then elect through blind ballot the following positions:...”
  • Under Reports: Item (a) to read: Potluck May 16 (Heather): 50 people attended. Remove Large tables will be provided.
Motion: “To approve minutes of June 20th, 2009 as amended.”

Moved By Paul, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 3b - Adoption of Minutes of ad-hoc meeting held on June 27, 2009

Some members were not aware hence attendance was scarce. In future when the decides there is a need for an ad-hoc meeting, sufficient notice should be sent to committee members or an effort to contact all committee members notifying them of the meeting should occur.

Motion: “To approve minutes of June 27th, 2009 ad-hoc meeting.”

Moved By Paul, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 4 - Review of Action Items

  1. Coordinate Comedy Night (Don): No report
  2. Volunteers: (Suzy on behalf of Stony): List created, circulated and to be updated with Kim & Melissa's contact info.  Action Item: Suzy to update list and re-circulate.
  3. Draft BOSC Guidelines (Kim): Guidelines still in progress
  4. Draft Orientation Manual (Heather):
  5. Discussion ensued and revisions provided by several members.  Changes applied to the document by Heather.  Discussions took place on a few items.  Consensus achieved on all.
Motion: To approve the revised Purpose of BOSC as it appears in the Terms of Reference
Moved By Heather, Seconded by Suzy. Carried

Motion: To adopt BOSC orientation document as amended.
Moved By Heather, Seconded by Kim. Carried

  1. Temporary Dog Run (Suzy):
    • dog run is in a temporary location
    • negotiations for permanent location in process
    • feedback from dog owners: require higher fence, poop bags, picnic table for owners to sit at
    • looking at constructing permanent run out of chain link fencing
    Action Item: Kim will look into the cost of purchasing the materials for the chain link fencing to construct the dog run and gate (diameter 200')
  2. Petition re: rules around pets in the park has been dropped - this is not the job of BOSC

Item 5 - Reports

  1. Events held since last meeting: Pot Luck attended by 25 people.  Good food noted.  Ports of call: $390 raised and $150 donated to BOSC from 4M.  Big “Thank you.”
  2. Treasurer report: Kim reported a balance of $928.36.
    Motion: “To accept treasurer's report”.
    Moved By Kim, Seconded by Paul. Carried
  3. Entertainment (Don): No report.  Absent
  4. Youth activities (Suzy):
    • Change proposed to Youth Body Painting due to lack of interest.  Activity to be opened to all ages. Suzy to send revised poster to Paul.
    • Kids corner to be set up in Club House.  Location TBD.  Action Item: All to bring available toys, etc.

Item 6 - Business Arising

No new business addressed at this meeting in order to allow time for discussion re orientation manual - consensus reached

Item 7 - Proposals (Paul)

Proposals tabled:
  1. Ports of call for 2010 season: This is outside of the current committee's approval timeline.  Term of committee is from Labour Day to Labour Day; however the committee approves events to the end of the calendar year.  This proposal will be on the agenda for approvals at the September BOSC meeting.
    ACTION: Paul to bring the Ports of Call proposal up at the September BOSC meeting
  2. Dance for July 18th. Dealt with at Ad Hoc meeting.  Closed
  3. Dance with Pot Luck for Sept 6th submitted by Greg.  Suzy moved that proposal be rejected at this time pending more information i.e.: who is to provide the music, etc.
  4. Dessert reception: discussion regarding having the BOSC AGM with the dessert reception took place.  Consensus of the committee was that this would work well, invite the park members to dessert reception and AGM
    ACTION: Amended to align with the AGM.  Heather to resubmit
See Ad-hoc Committee meeting minutes of July 4 for additional proposals accepted by the committee

Item 8 - Adjourn

Motion: “To meeting be adjourned.”
Moved By Paul, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:13am

Next Meeting

Saturday August 22nd, 2009 @ 10:00 am (teleconference available).  It was discussed and decided that any persons interested in sitting on BOSC, will be invited to attend the August 22 meeting to enable current committee members and potential members to meet each other and allow potential members to get an orientation to the committee

Future Meetings

August 29th @ 3:30 pm 2009 Annual General BOSC meeting and dessert reception (Immediately following the AGM, the new committee will meet in camera to elect Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) September 19 @ 10:00 am (teleconference available)


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