August 29, 2009
Heather - Acting Chair
Stephane (Ex-Officio)

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting Called to Order at 10:05 am.

Item 1 - Approval of Agenda

Motion: “To approve agenda as amended with the addition of new proposals under agenda item 11.  Other.”

Moved By Kim, Seconded by Paul. Carried

1.1 Conflict of interest: No Conflicts stated.

Item 2 - Adoption of Minutes dated June 20th, 2009

Motion: “To approve minutes of July 18th, 2009 as written.”

Moved By Heather, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 3 - Review of Action Items

  3.1 Coordinate Comedy Night: Don not present; No report
  3.2 Volunteers recruitment: all BOSC members to recruit volunteers
  3.3 Fencing for dog run: Kim reported that for 200Ft a cost of approx $70 was quoted. Suzy to provide Kim with full bill of materials to obtain full quote.  Stony also commented that his next fund raising profits will go to OLA.  Thank you Kim and Stony.
  3.4 BOSC Fundamental Principles: Motion made by Kim to accept principles as re-crafted by Heather, Seconded by Paul.        Carried
  3.5 Event Proposal revision: Motion made by Paul to accept amended form and text, Seconded by Kim.        Carried
  3.6 Kids corner: Suzy reported that a spot needs to be established. Lots of input provided.  By billiard table is preferred.  Next committee to decide and action.  May want to consider a checklist of items or sign in/out process to ensure valuable items returned.

Item 4 - Create one Governance manual (as proposed by Greg)

Discussion took place. All agreed that we are not a governance body.

Motion: To create a governance manual combining all BOSC documentation

Moved by Greg, seconded by Suzy. Defeated

Item 5 - Events since last report

  • Petanque - 07/19/09: Stony reported that all went well.  One learning is that it is better to make teams on the spot rather than having people make their own teams.  Stony will submit a proposal for this event again next year.
  • Tie Dye - 07/25/09: No report but was lots of fun.
  • Christmas in July - 07/25/09: Kim did a fantastic job and participants enjoyed despite bad weather.  One learning is that event should have a fee.  Kim willing to lead again next year and is gathering gifts already.  Next committee to work on details for next year.
  • Body Painting - 08/01/09: Suzy reported that 25 people participated.  Great idea to open to all ages.  Supplies left over for next year.
  • Ribfest - 08/01/09: Heather reported that it was a huge success.  Amazing profits and all BOSC members participated.  Should repeat next year and potentially combine with Body Painting event.
  • Golf Tournament - 08/25/09: Don (via Heather) reported good time by all.  Nine holes good versus 18.  Next committee to discuss if Pot Luck should be lead by separate team to alleviate double duty by Don/Laura.
  • Badminton Tournament - 08/25/09: Lori (via Heather) reported that it went well even with bad weather.  Willing to lead again next year.  Next committee to discuss further but recommendation made to host up front rather than Strawberry Field.

Item 6 - Upcoming events

  • Illumination Night: Next week; 3pm Paper Bag at the Outback; Maddie/Alicia will help with clean up; Walking course to be finalized by Heather; May include fireworks by Peter
  • Chili Cook-off and Potluck: Only 5 judges to be selected this year. will have people’s choice award; Committee members to help with Potluck setup
  • September 19th Potluck: will address under item 11

Item 7 - Treasurer's report

Report attached

Item 8 - BOSC AGM

Proposed agenda submitted by Heather and reviewed and accepted by all.

Item 9 - BOSC Election of officers

Process discussion took place and agreement reached by all.

Item 10 - New Business

Chair was handed over to Dorothy

10.1 Motion: “That BOSC open a bank account in Mount Albert with three signing officers and that no more than $200 be kept in the cash box at Bare Oaks”
Moved by Heather, seconded by Paul.Carried

10.2 Motion: “That a new position be created to take care of BOSC supplies”
Moved by Heather, seconded by Paul.Carried

10.3 Motion (Added to agenda): “To cancel Youth Fair due to lack of interest”
Moved by Suzy, seconded by Dorothy.Carried

Item 11 - Other

11.1 New proposal submission by Don/Laura for Country and Western: Well crafted proposal with good details.  Heather offered to make poster.  Will approach Don/Laura to confirm details.

Motion: “To cancel Sept 19th potluck and proceed with this proposal instead.”
Moved by Kim, seconded by Paul.Carried

11.2 Another LED sign available from Stony. Stony to investigate if we can use to promote BOSC events - will target for the beginning of next season.

Item 12 - Adjourn

Motion: “To adjourn meeting.”
Moved By Suzy, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:35am

Future Meetings

August 29th @ 3:30 pm 2009 Annual General BOSC meeting and dessert reception (Immediately following the AGM, the new committee will meet in camera to elect Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer)

September 19 @ 10:00 am (teleconference available)


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