September 19, 2009
Heather - Recording Secretary

Call to Order and Welcome

Meeting Called to Order at 10:05 am.
Special Welcome to Tish & Dawn, new members of committee
Overview of roles and responsibilities

Item 1 - Approval of Agenda

MOTION: To approve agenda as presented

Moved By Heather, Seconded by Dawn. Carried

Item 2 - Adoption of Minutes dated August 29, 2009

MOTION: To approve minutes of August 29, 2009 as written.

Moved By Kim, Seconded by Heather. Carried

Item 3 - Adoption of BOSC Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes dated August 29, 2009

MOTION: To approve BOSC AGM minutes of August 29, 2009 as written.

Moved By Stony, Seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 4 - Adoption of Minutes of BOSC Executive Election dated August 29, 2009

MOTION: To approve BOSC Executive Election minutes of August 29, 2009 as written.

Moved By Dorothy, Seconded by Dawn. Carried

Item 5 - Review of Action Items

  5.1 Comedy Night:
  • Item tabled to October meeting: regrets Don
  5.2 Off Leash Area update:
  • Bob is pricing out material, looking at approximately $800-$1,000
  • Very specific material required re health & safety of dogs
  • We will have to raise the funds for material
  • We can build the enclosure in phases
  • Possible to get better prices - source out other suppliers
ACTION: Tish to check pirces of material from her sources
ACTION: Suzy to send specs of OLA to Tish
Note: correct email address for Tish: tishanger@rogers.com

MOTION: That all funds from 50/50 draws conducted by BOSC over the 2009/10 season be earmarked for the Off Leash Area fencing material.
Moved By Heather, Seconded by Tish. Carried

Item 6 - Roles & Responsibilities

  • Concerns around the formality of the minutes and the time required for transcription and process/procedure of minutes prior to distribution to the committee.  Process is too formal re: secretary send minutes to Chair, Chair review, send back to Secretary for revisions prior to distribution to the committee
  • Suzy will have to tender her resignation from the position of secretary; however will continue as a member of the committee unless the minute taking process is simplified due to time restraints
  • Expectations of all committee members is to read the minutes and bring any corrections/omissions forward at the next BOSC meeting
  • Ideas discussed on how to un-formalize monthly meeting minutes

MOTION: That BOSC move to a more relaxed format for minutes by removing the formality of motions and minutes to presenting ideas and outcomes in what will be referred to as meeting notes.  The notes will begin with the set agenda and conclude with the outcomes of the meeting. BOSC will trial this format for two meetings.

Moved by Suzy, seconded by Tish. Carried

ACTION: Suzy & Heather will work together to complete the current minutes, Heather will transcribe as formal minutes, send to Suzy and she will transcribe as informal notes
ACTION: BOSC will review the minutes at the next meeting

Item 7 - Suzy's tenure on BOSC

Tabled to October meeting

Item 8 - Responsibilities for Supplies Coordinator
  • To take stock and replenish supplies
ACTION: Heather to add new position to BOSC Position Descriptions Document

Item 9 - Assignment of Remaining Positions
  • Proposal Administrator: Dawn
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Dorothy
  • Entertainment Coordinator: tabled to next meeting - Chair would like to appoint Don; however Don is not present to accept
  • Youth/Dog Activity Coordinator: Position to be severed
  • Dog Activity Coordinator: Suzy (note: see item 14 for Youth Activity Coordinator position)
  • Supplies Coordinator: Stony

Item 10 - Treasurer's report

Report attached
MOTION: To approve the Treasurer's report as presented
Moved by Kim, seconded by Dorothy. Carried

Item 11 - Revenue - non-BOSC hosted events

MOTION: That events organized by groups making a profit, where the entire profit is not donated to BOSC, the organizers will have the choice of donating 20% of the profits to BOSC or conducting 50/50 draw at their event (organizers will be responsible for facilitating the draw) - funds from the draw being donated to BOSC.
Moved by Heather, seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 12 - Acquisition of storage unit

Motion taken off the table. A storage shed was donated to BOSC and be available by the end of October

Item 13 - Decoration team leader

That BOSC reappoint Wendy Cutriss as official decoration team leader all agree

Item 14 - Youth Sub-committee

MOTION: That BOSC develops a Youth sub-committee with Maddy taking the lead and liaising with a BOSC member in the planning of youth activities.
Moved by Heather, seconded by Dorothy. Carried
MOTION: That the position of Youth Sub-committee liaison be created.
Moved by Heather, seconded by Tish. Carried
Tish will fill the position of Youth Sub-committee liaison and connect with Maddy prior to the spring/summer season

Item 15 - Events since last BOSC meeting Report

  • Illumination Night, Chili Cook-off and Pot Luck on Labour Day Weekend successful

Item 16 - Upcoming Events

  • Country & Western Hoedown tonight - Stony will take care of providing supplies to organizers
  • Thanksgiving Pot Luck: October 10 - all committee members attending will volunteer to assist with set up/clean up

Item 17 - New Proposals

MOTION: To accept all seven submitted proposals as follows:
  • October 17/09 - May 16/10 Casual Dinners/Breakfasts
  • June 26, 2010 - 2010 Ports of Call Progressive Luncheon
  • August 2, 2010 - Ribfest
  • August 14, 2010 - Golf Tournament & Pot Luck Dinner
  • September 4, 2010 - Illumination Night
  • September 5, 2010 - Chili cook-off
  • September 5, 2010 - Illumination/Chili Cook-off Pot Luck Dinner
Moved by Suzy, seconded by Kim. Carried

Item 18 - New Business

ACTION: Paul to craft a hardcopy calendar for bulletin board and bring a copy to each BOSC meeting

Item 19 - Other

  • Winter Baby Birthday Party at end of season was great idea facilitated by BO member - perhaps BOSC would like to take this event on
  • 4Ms donated community fire pit materials, solar lights and memorial plaque
  • Benches around fire pit need to be removed - not safe
  • Fire pit rings in Beckett Circle a danger during the night - mention this hazard to the office

Item 20 - Adjourn

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.
Moved By Dorothy, Seconded by Stony. Carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:45am

Next Meeting: Saturday October 10 - 10:00 am


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