March 6, 2010
Paul - Chair

Call to Order and Welcome

Note: Quorum not achieved hence decisions differed to next meeting

Item 1 - Agenda
  • Conflict of interest - None declared
Item 2 - Minutes dated December 5th, 2009
  • Differ to next meeting
Item 3.1 - Comedy Night
  • If OK with Don, Suzy will take this one on
Item 3.2 - Hoedown & Golf Tournament
  • Rescheduling (Done)
Item 3.3 - Bank Service Charges: Heather Discussion
  • Differ to next meeting
  • Cost is $4/month/account.  We should look into eliminating it.
Item 3.4 - Petanque tournament: Stony/Don Discussion
  • Differ to next meeting
  • Original plan was to combine with HoeDown.
  • Current status unknown.
Item 3.5 - Marque Tent Options: All Discussion
  • A lot of ideas were discussed.
  • Must conclude something on next meeting and move on.
  • We need to quantify value such as how many times will it be used?  Storage should not be an issue since we would share with Bare Oaks.
  • Concern raised about ongoing accountability to keep this monster in good shape.
  • All agreed that we need to table this item next meeting and explore all/any ideas.  Get Stephane involved in the discussion.  This is a large investment.  Paul will approach Stephane to participate at the next meeting.
Item 4 - OLA: Suzy Discussion/Update
  • Suzy thanked BOSC for raising funds to help get this started.
  • Remaining funds will be raised with collections from current membership with dogs and special events in OLA
  • Most materials already purchased or donated.
  • Building will take place in May 2010
  • Suzy to arrange a small crew.
Item 5 - Youth Activity: Paul Discussion
  • Suzy agreed to help with the discussions and share her experience from 2009 season.
Item 6 - Treasurer's Report: Kim Decision.
  • None available.
  • Bank charges mentioned above.
  • Check if Bank Manager contacted.
Item 7 - Events report
  • New Year's Dinner & Dance; No official report.  Small turn out.  $ for value not achieved based on feedback.  Fun/Good time by all
  • New Year's Day Breakfast: Went well, Dean gave $50 to BOSC and deposited in cash box.
  • Valentine's Dinner & Dance: 45 to 48 showed.  Fantastic time by all.  Some $ raised for BOSC.
  • Also Glen Echo’s events on Sunday.  20 only.  Crowd left in good spirit.
Item 8 - Upcoming events
  • Spring Dinner & Dance Paul: Flyer up this morning.  March 24th, 2010
Item 9 - New Proposals
  • A review of the season took place.  Looking good
  • St Patrick's day; Approved.  Somebody from BOSC should be there to help with access to supplies
  • Golf build area was cleaned up and materials have been collected.  Construction will start shortly.  Planning of holes progressing well.  Pretty cool stuff.  We will plan an official opening.
Item 10 - New Business
  • Nothing to report
Item 11 - Other
  • Nothing to report
Item 12 - Next meeting: April 10th 2010 at 10:00am

Meeting Adjourned

Call in number available 1-888-373-9124


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