April 10, 2010
Paul - Chair

Call to Order and Welcome

Item 1 - Agenda
  • Conflict of interest - None declared
Item 2 - Minutes of December 5th, 2009
  • Approved as well as minutes of March 6, 2010
Item 3.1 - Comedy Night
  • Suzy will lead
Item 3.2 - Bank Service Charges: Heather Discussion
  • Talking to branch manager.  No further update.
  • Cost is $4/month/account.  We should look into eliminating it.
Item 3.3 - Petanque tournament: Stony/Don Discussion
  • Will combine with HoeDown ($18).  Talk pricing with Stony if both events purchased.
  • Target Sunday August 22nd, 2010 for the petanque
  • **** Paul will speak with Karen to confirm that folks can stay for the event without paying another daily fee
Item 3.4 - Marque Tent Options: All Discussion
  • A lot of ideas were discussed.
  • Don will investigate options such as carports, other types of shelters - that are smaller but easier to handle/store
  • Paul will attempt to arrange a special meeting/discussion with Stephane to discuss the Outback ... next step(s) (e.g remove large bar)
    • Dorothy will come up with a proposal for the Outback
Item 4 - OLA updates
  • Suzy will start with the posts soon.  Will most likely hire for this.
  • Crew for building is on track for May.  No specific date selected yet.
  • Need to confirm receipt of 30 T Posts from Dale due to arrive on May 1, 2010.
Item 5 - BOSC Shed fixing
  • Don, Suzy and Stony to start this work including emptying it.
  • It then needs to be put on platform and refreshed (painted, cleaned)
    • Scribe's Note: On Sunday April 11th, Paul and Stony emptied the shed and placed some shelving.  Tx
Item 6 - Treasurer's Report: Kim Decision.
  • Cards purchased
  • Over $1500 of funds overall
  • Report accepted
Item 7 - Events report
  • St Patrick's-Pot Luck: 20 to 25 people showed up.  Well done
Item 8 - Upcoming events
  • Spring Dinner & Dance: Reminder April 24, 2010
  • BOSC Spring Yard Sale: Dawn will seek out details from Kim. If no details, will be canceled (by April 24)
Item 9 - New Proposals
  • None
  • Stony to submit formal proposal for the Petanque
Item 10 - New Business
  • Nothing to report
Item 11 - Other
  • Liz will be taking over Bare Bistro restaurant during the season
Item 12 - Next meeting: May 8th 2010 at 10:00am

Meeting Adjourned

Call in number available 1-888-373-9124


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