May 8, 2010
Paul - Chair

Call to Order and Welcome

Item 1 - Agenda
  • Conflict of interest - None declared
Item 2 - Minutes of April 10th, 2010
  • Approved
Item 3.1 - Comedy Night
  • Suzy will lead; Combine with Rib Fest (Long weekend in August)
  • May want to open it to all participants.  Will consider based on results of this Comedy Night.
  • Suzy to submit proposal
Item 3.2 - Bank Service Charges
  • Being charged $8/month with no value for fee; Get safety box in office or change accounts to lower charges; Decision was to change account structure
Item 3.3 - Petanque tournament:
  • Will take place on Sunday rather than combining with HoeDown @ $5/person.
Item 3.4 - Marque Tent Options
  • After further discussion, it was decided to pursue the purchase of 4 collapsible tents from Canadian Tire
  • Monies will be borrowed from account “other”
Item 3.5 - Outback
  • Dorothy to forward Paul a list of ideas for consideration by Stephane
Item 4 - OLA updates
  • Scribe’s note: Gate is now completed.
  • Further enhancements will take place such as painting of picnic table, umbrella, etc...
Item 5 - BOSC Shed fixing
  • Don to look at shed and assess work needed
Item 6 - Treasurer's Report: Kim Decision.
  • Accounts recap: Cash - $378; Tent - $610; Other - $498
  • $20 will be used to collapse “tent” and “other” account into one
Item 7 - Events report
  • Spring Dinner/Dance: 40 people participated; Lots of last minute show; Went well - same as last year.
Item 8 - Upcoming events
  • BOSC Spring Yard Sale: $5 a spot to take place on May 24th by Clubhouse from 9am to noon.  Signage is needed
  • Ports of Call: Needs supplies. Dinner plates, small plates, bowls and plastic cutlery.  Kim will give some Stony.  Napkins as well.  Teams to be put together.  They will lead their menus.  Passports will be available for $10 for non-contributors.  Flyer to be put together.  Desserts will be at the outback.
Item 9 - New Proposals
  • None
  • Stony to submit formal proposal for the Petanque
Item 10 - New Business
  • Secretary position is available; Suzy requested to be replaced
Item 11 - Other
  • None
Item 12 - Next meeting date
After many emails, we landed on Sunday June 13, 2010 at 10:00am

Meeting Adjourned

Call in number available 1-888-373-9124


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