Minutes of
Ad Hoc Meeting
November 15, 2008
Greg S.

Call to Order and Welcome
Meeting was called in order to consider a proposal by Greg and the results of a meeting between the 4M's, Greg with Stephane present.  A quoram was present


A New Year's Eve Gala.  December 31, 2008.  Catered by Chef Glenn, Music by Laura and Don.  $35.00 per person.  BOSC Approved.

4M's and 15%
After discussion with 4M's where they understood our position they offered us to run the 50/50 Draw instead of the 15%.  Partly because it is difficult for them to calculate the profit for each event as they use any food not used at dinner/dance for the casual dinners.  This seemed like a good compromise and was endorsed by Stephane.  Plus they said the draw would probably generate more money that the 15%.  They did state that once the golf course target had been met they would like to continue withthe profits going to BOSC.  They liked the marquee tent idea.

Motion: That we run the 50/50 draw at the 4M events.
Made By Kim, Seconded by Stony Carried

Motion: "To close meeting"
Made by Don.  Seconded by Rainy. Carried


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