Position Descriptions of the Bare Oaks Social Committee

All Positions:
  • Have signing authority on behalf of the Committee regarding reassignment of funds i.e.: reimbursement of expenses, hearts & flowers expense, etc.
  • All financial requests require two signatures

Committee Chair:
  • Chairs the Social Committee meetings assuring meetings follow the agenda
  • Schedules regular meetings and calls ad hoc meetings when necessary
  • Develops the meeting agenda by sending out a call for agenda items to the Committee Members
  • Assures the agenda and any back-up agenda material is distributed to the Committee prior to the scheduled meeting
  • - Facilitates the updates of the Social Committee webpage and events calendar
  • Follow up on action items and tasks of Committee Members

  • Chairs the Social Committee meetings when the Chair is not available
  • Takes on the tasks of and acts as designate when Chair not available
  • Facilitates the development and distribution of event flyers and promotion
  • Facilitates the monitoring of the BOSC bulletin board in the front office

  • Keeps track of the financial transactions of the Social Committee and maintains detailed financial records
  • Provides a monthly financial report to the Committee
  • Provides an annual financial report at the annual Social Committee meeting
  • Facilitates the reimbursement of approved volunteer expenses

  • Takes minutes at all Committee meetings
  • Transcribes and distributes minutes for revision to Committee and makes necessary edits
  • Distributes the action items/task list to committee members within the week immediately following the meeting
  • Provides the chair with edited minutes and facilitates the posting of minutes in the BOSC minute binder and on the Committee web page
  • Keeps a hard copy of the annual social event calendar up to date and makes the copy available at all meetings along with a copy of the agenda and any back up material

Proposal Administrator:
  • Collects proposal submissions by email and/or hard copies and acknowledges receipt of proposal
  • If proposal is not clear, or form is not completed will contact submitter and get clarification prior to passing the proposal to the Committee
  • Summarizes all submissions received between meetings for Committee to review at least one week prior to each Committee meeting
  • If the annual calendar is filled up - advise the submitter that their proposal will be filed in the order received, and they will be contacted next season as to whether they still want to organize their event
  • Deliver a report detailing the upcoming events at the BOSC meeting one month prior to the scheduled events

Volunteer Coordinator:
  • Recruits volunteers to help with and at social events scheduled by the Bare Oaks Social Committee
  • Maintains updated list of available volunteers
  • Facilitates an introduction/connection between available volunteers and the even organizer if required
  • Facilitates the organization a volunteer appreciation day each year

Entertainment Coordinator:
  • Responsible for contracting outside entertainment for designated events
  • Develop contract/waiver and confidentiality statement for contracted entertainment to sign
  • All entertainment proposal will be approved by the Committee and as all event proposals approved by Stéphane

Youth/Dog Activity Coordinator:
  • Will encourage activity submissions from the youth membership
  • Will seek out with volunteer coordinator, young people to act as event organizers in conjunction with adults
  • Will strive to have activities available each weekend during season for youth (i.e.: craft hour in outback), and several special youth events throughout the season (May - September)
  • Assist dog owners in the organization of dog related activities

Committee Members at large:
  • One member of the Committee will sit on the Committee with no specific role, however they may take on or be assigned various tasks by the Committee

  • Term of Office for all Committee Members is one year.  The Chair of BOSC will be elected annually from committee members who have served on BOSC the previous term.

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