To bring the Bare Oaks community together in the organization and participation of Member hosted social events.

To offer guidance to members of the Bare Oaks Social Committee (BOSC).

A body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, or report on some matter.

Principles of Committee Membership:

  1. perform tasks in a manner that emphasizes outward vision and a commitment to the Purpose of BOSC as stated in the Terms of Reference;
  2. be accountable to the Members of Bare Oaks; and
  3. actively participate in deliberations and decisions by expressing a diversity of viewpoints during the discussion/debate.

Populating of Committee:

  1. Seek an appropriate balance of the diversity of membership of Bare Oaks;
  2. strive to provide opportunities for the involvement of youth by offering shorter-term assignments to permit more opportunities for committee involvement;
  3. to accommodate two vacant seats on the committee each term, the Chair (at the regular July meeting) will ask for two volunteers to step down from the committee (this does not exclude the chair volunteering to step down). In the event that there are no candidates, the committee members may choose to continue for; another term
  4. only Bare Oaks Members in good standing may volunteer to take a seat on BOSC;
  5. those volunteering as new members of BOSC will be invited to attend the August BOSC meeting to accommodate an introduction to the committee and its members;
  6. vacant seats will be filled through a nomination and election/appointment process at the BOSC Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  7. if during the year the BOSC falls below 5 members, new members may be appointed with approval of the existing BOSC members;
  8. a meeting, immediately following the BOSC AGM, the current committee will convene including the new member(s) to nominate and then elect (the committee can decide whether to conduct the vote by blind ballot, or open hand raising) the executive of BOSC which includes the following positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chair of the election process will be selected from BOSC members not nominated for any open positions.

Performance Expectations:

  1. All committee members are expected to attend each meeting prepared, having read all pre-circulated material and obtained and shared any additional information as applicable;
  2. all committee members are to provide appropriate notice of absence, including reason, to the Chair as soon as inability to attend is known;
  3. if a committee member is absent for three consecutive meetings, the committee will review the situation at the third missed meeting. The committee will make a decision based on the reason for absence as to whether the committee member will lose their seat on the committee;
  4. make informed decisions in the best interest of BO;
  5. identify potential external trends that may have an impact on BOSC’s plans and activities;
  6. publicly support and promote BO activities;
  7. support all decisions of the BOSC and communicate with one voice;
  8. perform tasks in a manner that emphasizes BOSC purpose and a commitment to the Mission;
  9. act in the best interests of the organization as a whole;
  10. be accountable to the Members of Bare Oaks;
  11. contribute to a positive climate for learning and working;
  12. actively participate in deliberations and decisions by expressing a diversity of viewpoints during the discussion/debate;
  13. respect the confidentiality of the members of the committee; and
  14. promote Park activities and encourage Bare Oaks Members to submit proposals.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest.

At the beginning of the meeting:
A conflict of interest should be declared if the committee member (or committee member's family) stands to gain personally from a predetermined agenda item/proposal (monetarily or publicly).

During the meeting:
A conflict of interest should be declared if an item is raised that would directly benefit a member/family member monetarily or publicly or if a proposal is submitted by a member which is in conflict with other proposal(s) to be considered.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Bring honour and dignity to BOSC and uphold its reputation and integrity.
  2. Demonstrate respect for all members of BOSC through words, actions and behaviour.
  3. Be vigilant in ensuring a safe environment during meetings and events scheduled by BOSC free from physical, and verbal abuse.
  4. Uphold and protect the personal and professional reputation of other BOSC members and the Bare Oaks community.
  5. Be diligent in maintaining the confidentiality of information regarding not generally available to the public and obtained in the course of performing your role in BOSC.
  6. Respect another member's right to privacy and the confidentiality of that member's personal information.
  7. Fulfill the role and responsibility as stated in the position description, and act within the limitations of her authority in the discharge of her duties.
  8. Act with honesty and integrity when dealing with property, monies and any other assets belonging to BOSC.

Cause for Dismissal from BOSC

  1. Breach of Code of Conduct.
  2. Absence from three consecutive BOSC meetings.

Process for Dismissal:

  1. Breach of Code of Conduct
    • Action/behaviour is reported to the Chair of BOSC. In the case that the complaint/accusation involves the Chair, the issue would be reported to the Vice-Chair.
    • A meeting between the accuser(s) and the Chair/Vice-Chair is scheduled. At this meeting the person brining the issue to the Chair/Vice-Chair’s attention will explain the situation and provide proof, of accusation or in the case there is no proof other than witnesses, the list of witnesses to the breach of code of conduct.
    • If the Chair/Vice-Chair feels that there is enough proof to support the accusation, an incamera meeting of BOSC will be called to discuss the issue without the accused being present.
    • The Committee will examine the proof of the breach and decide the course of action. There must be a unanimous decision on behalf of BOSC to proceed.
    • The Chair/Vice-Chair will convene a meeting of BOSC with the accused present to allow for the accused to present his/her case. Once the defense is heard, the person will be asked to leave and the BOSC will vote on whether the person is asked to leave their position on the Committee. This decision must be by majority of 50% + 1 of those members currently sitting on the Committee in good standing.
    • The BOSC member in breach may choose at anytime during this process, to resign from the Committee
  2. Absence from three consecutive BOSC meetings
    • At the third consecutive meeting missed, the Committee will discuss a course of action under new business.
    • The decision of the Committee stands if the decision is made by majority vote of 50%+1 of current Committee Members in good standing.

50% +1 of voting Members.

Motions can be introduced with a proposal prior to the meeting and sent out to all participants as part of the agenda package. In some cases, it is more productive to have an informal and unstructured discussion first to explore the problem, and then proceed with a motion (i.e.: proposing solutions only after the problem has been fully explored and understood).

Motions should be concise, unambiguous and complete. Any member of the Committee can make a motion.

In deliberations, all possible effort is made to reach overall consensus. When voting is necessary, simple majority is needed to render a decision.

All committee members are required to make a commitment to sit on the committee for a minimum of one term. A term shall be three years.

Events are submitted to and scheduled by the Bare Oaks Social Committee (BOSC) when a Bare Oaks Member would like to ensure their event receives the following:

  • Guidance and/or support from BOSC
  • A place on the BOSC calendar
  • Promotion by BOSC
  • Approval by BOSC and BO management which also gives priority of BO amenities over non-approved events.

It is one of the responsibilities of BOSC to encourage BO members to submit proposals. Proposals are available online through the Bare Oaks website by clicking on the link to the social committee page.

  • Proposals shall be reviewed by BOSC convened for the season that the proposal is submitted for. Therefore if a proposal is submitted prior to the election of the new BOSC convening after Labour Day, that proposal will wait to be reviewed by the new committee i.e.: a proposal for 2015 will be reviewed by the members of BOSC sitting for 2014-2015.
  • Proposals will be reviewed and documented in a summary format as they are submitted. The member of BOSC (to be assigned position or volunteer), will provide this document as a back up to the first meeting of the new year
  • The Criteria by which all proposals will be reviewed and selected are as follows:
    1. Proposal is Complete.
      Form is filled out and all details are provided.
    2. Event is Inclusive.
      Can all ages, genders, abilities participate in some way?
    3. Right of First Refusal.
      If the proposal was run the previous year then the proposer has to agree to give up event to new proposer.
    4. First Come, First Serve.
      If two proposals are received for similar new events, then the first one in shall be approved.


That 100% of profits from an event including the event ledger and receipts be submitted to BOSC within one week after the event, or future proposals by the organizer may not be accepted. BOSC does not accept responsibility if an event loses money. This is the responsibility of the organizers.

All funds received by BOSC are used in the following manner:

50% of all funds are used for operating expenses such as paper products, prizes and trophies for events that are ‘non-profit generating’ events such as pot lucks, illumination night, etc.

40% of all funds are banked towards an annual project voted on by the standing BOSC,, such as event tents, defibrillator, etc.

10% of all funds are put towards the ‘Hearts and Flowers’ fund in order to have a variety of Get Well, Sympathy and Congratulations cards at the front office to facilitate cards being sent out on behalf of the Bare Oaks Membership to Members experiencing, illness, loss, etc.

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