To bring the Bare Oaks community together in the organization and participation of Member hosted social events.


To schedule and promote Member hosted weekend social events to supplement Bare Oaks' sponsored events during the peak camping season (May - September) and produce an annual social event calendar for Bare Oaks.


Management and Membership of Bare Oaks Naturist Community.


  1. encourage the Members of Bare Oaks to submit ideas for weekend social events
  2. to reply to all messages received through the social committee email address
  3. review all submissions and make selections of which events will be scheduled in the park
  4. recruit volunteers to organize and/or help with the events
  5. if required, the committee can assist the organizer(s) in finding volunteers
  6. to hold regular committee meetings either in-person or electronically
  7. to keep the Social Committee web page up to date and current, including the posting of minutes and details of events
  8. ensure that proper notification/promotion is provided for each event
  9. hold an annual meeting of the Social Committee prior to the social calendar year of Labour Day - Labour Day which will be open to all Members of Bare Oaks and will be posted as such
  10. any and all monies gained from events over and above cost will be deposited into the B.O. Social Committee fund to be used for future events (i.e.: prizes, rentals, decorations, etc.), Hearts & Flowers fund and special projects decided on by the BOSC (i.e.: Event Tent)
  11. to keep Stéphane Deschênes apprised of committee meetings scheduled, and business carried out by the committee
  12. to offer recommendations to Stéphane Deschênes for a full calendar of events, seeking approval prior to confirmation and posting of Member hosted events


Open to all Members of Bare Oaks with access to email.  The committee should strive to include representation of a minimum of one Member holding a site in Helios Circle, one Member site holder in Beckett Circle, one Member without a site and one Member who is an occasional regular camper.

Minimum number of Members is five, maximum nine; quorum is 50% + one.  Stéphane Deschênes will be invited to all meetings as ex-officio.

The Committee positions will encompass but are not limited to: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer.


Regular and ad hoc meetings of the Committee will be scheduled/called by the Chair or designate to be facilitated in person, electronically or by teleconference.

Term of Office

The members of the Committee will serve for a minimum of one year.  The Committee will elect/appoint a chair each year from a slate comprised of nomination(s) of current committee members who have served on the BOSC the previous term.

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