5K Colour Fun Run - clothes-free!

nude runners running nakedOur third nude run!

5km colour fun run through the park. It's a FUN run so you don't have to be a pro. You can run, jog, walk...

Sponsored by The Running Room and The Nude Run 5k

  • Date: July 22, 2018
  • Registration: 9 am
  • Start Time: 11 am
  • Cost: $25 for members, $45 for guests/visitors

The colour aspect of the run is that runners are showered with coloured corn starch at various stages of the course. It is inspired by the Holi Hindu Festival (also known as the festival of colours) where participants douse each other with coloured powder and water.

EVERYONE is welcome! Registration includes access to all amenities for the day.

Get an event t-shirt if you PRE-REGISTER BY JULY 15, 2018.


New to naturism?  Get answers to all your first time questions!

If this is your first visit to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, you can also speed up registration by printing and filling out this form in advance.


2017 Official race results for those who finished:
14-Ian 25:16
40-Neil 25:20
9-John 26:22
35-Mike 26:38
7-Derek 27:08
22-Kathryn 27:20
3-Legacy 28:44
16-Kevin M. 29:27
41-Aly 30:43
20-Robin 30:53
11-Matthew 31:00
5-Bill 31:28
32-Frank 32:16
29-Kevin B. 34:00
44-Evan 34:22
4-Jermaine 34:41
28-Daniel 36:24
8-Phi 36:24
10-Sanju 37:04
30-Jonathan 42:00
13-Michelle 42:12
33-Bradley 42:29
31-Forrest 42:36
17-Andrew 43:00
36-Meagan 43:42
39-Kevin C. 43:42
42-Stephane 45:12
43-Chris D. 45:12
37-Chris A. 45:40
24-Laura 47:30
25-Lizzy 47:30
26-Tina 47:30
27-Jackie 47:30
38-Ken 53:50
6-John D 56:42
18-Robert 59:16
21-Sarah 59:17
34 Chris K. 1:04:38

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