Bare Oaks on Twitter

After 14 years, the @BareOaksPark account on Twitter was suspended in February 2023. We can’t see that we have violated any rules. We appealed. But The Naturist Living Show Podcast‘s @NaturistLiving account was suspended in January 2022. Dozens of appeals and letters from the AANR were never answered. We have no way of knowing why because they never offered any explanation. We carefully reviewed their rules and we cannot see that we violated any of them. They never gave us any warnings.

We suspect that @BareOaksPark was suspended because of the image preview generated by a link to this post: This image does not appear to violate any of their rules; unless they find the mere image of a family on a beach to be child exploitation. So was this the problem? It is the last thing we posted. But they never responded so we can’t say for sure.

Yes, we could create a new account. But we won’t do that on principle. So follow us on the many other social media options listed at the bottom of our website.