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2024-01-17 New year, Nude you! City TV - Breakfast Television
2023-08-21 10 Years of Stand-up Comedy at Bare Oaks Newstalk 1010
2023-08-08 General discussion related to naturism This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper
2023-07-24 Naturist Families - Understanding The Philosophy, Lifestyle, And Values Alyson Schafer - Parenting The Adlerian Way Podcast
2023-07-07 Skinny Dip Day Newmarket Today
2023-04-06 The life of a naturist CTV The Social
2023-01-06 Radio NL Local First News - Jeff Andreas - Stéphane Deschênes - January 6 Radio NL Local First News
2022-12-14 Experiencing Naturism - Vacationing au naturel!
2022-09-30 Three Canadian Coffee Entrepreneurs on What Helps their Businesses Thrive
2022-09-29 NAKED COFFEE! Toronto's Stereo Coffee Roasters to launch "Bare Blend" at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park on International Coffee Day, October 1 Newstalk 1010 - iHeart Radio
2022-09-09 Bare Oaks Park celebrates 50 years. Youtube
2022-09-03 Nudist park near Toronto celebrates 50th anniversary Youtube
2022-08-22 Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is celebrating 50 years of operation Breakfast Television
2022-08-19 The Showgram with David Cooper - Stéphane Deschênes| Ed Conroy Newstalk 1010 - iHeart Radio
2022-08-10 A Visit to Bare Oaks
2022-07-29 STEPHANE DESCHENES, "Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park" (7-29-22) Dr. Paul's Family Talk
2022-07-10 Naked in EG: Creating Art "Au Naturel" in the Great Outdoors East Gwillimbury's Bulletin Magazine
2022-06-13 Ep22: Stéphane & Evan, Plus Will Forrest on His Nudist Pirate Novel "Skinners"
2022-06-12 Family Nudist Camp | Studio 10 Studio 10 (Australia)
2022-06-06 The Best Naturist Resorts in Ontario
2022-05-31 Toronto Star photojournalist Steve Russell wins NPAC best feature photo of the year The Toronto Star
2022-05-07 Celebrating Naked Gardening Day? Expert has some tips Bradford Today
2022-05-07 Celebrating Naked Gardening Day today? This expert has some tips Orillia Matters
2022-05-07 Fresh Air CBCListen
2022-05-07 The Showgram with David Cooper Newstalk 1010 - iHeart Radio 
2022-05-05 Celebrating Naked Gardening Day Saturday? Newmarket expert has some tips Newmarket Today
2022-04-23 Bare Oaks chalfontholidays website
2022-03-27 The head chef at a naturist park near Toronto cooks in the nude blogTO
2022-02-21 The Delicious Life of a Nude Resort Head Chef
2022-02-04 Share Your Story and Shed The Layers for "Work Naked Day" Barrie360
2022-02-04 February 4, 2022 is National Working Naked Day AttractionsON
2022-02-04 It's Working Naked Day: Try something 'a little silly' and work in the nude, local natursit says Newmarket Today
2022-02-04 It's National Working Naked Day! Breakfast Television
2022-02-03 Working Naked Day (title of video is first chapter "GTA family builds bakyard igloo") CityNews Youtube
2022-01-12 Stéphane Deschênes - Dispelling Myths About World of Naturism Podcast KZNNA - KwaZulu Natal Naturist Association
2021-12-15 STEPHANE DESCHENES, Naturist Resort Owner/Podcast Host (12-15-21) Impact Radio USA
2021-12-12 What It's Like to be a Female Naturist Youtube
2021-12-10 The First Time Experience KZNNA - KwaZulu Natal Naturist Association
2021-11-26 Taking it all off promotes body acceptance, naturist resort owner says Newmarket Today
2021-10-21 Raising kids in a healthy clothing-free environment Youtube
2021-10-20 When the INF-FNI Suddenly had Two Presidents Naked Wanderings
2021-08-15 After months of pandemic hardship, natursits bare their souls - and so much more The Toronto Star
2021-07-19 Thirty years after Gwen Jacob's arrest for going topless, little has changed The Globe and Mail
2021-07-18 2021 5K Nude Colour Fun Run Running Room
2021-07-18 Legal fight that won Ontario women the right to be topless began 30 years ago
2021-07-17 Legal fight that won Ontario women the right to be topless began 30 years ago this week in Guelph Guelph Today
2021-07-14 Stoned N' Social - National Nude Day + Pickled Herring Apple Podcasts
2021-07-06 Nudist; Not my Circle; A Conversation Series Youtube
2021-04-30 Exposing the World of Naked Gardeners Breakfast Television
2021-04-30 World Naked Gardening Day CHCH
2021-02-05 Today is National Working Naked Day Breakfast Television
2021-02-01 JUST NOT ON ZOOM: Feb. 5 is National Working Naked Day Toronto Sun
2021-01-14 Gary Alderson, sales
2020-12-31 Intervención de Stéphane Deschénes en la última sesión del Foro Naturista Global, bajo el tema «Trabajando juntos como una comunidad global».
2020-12-09 9 Great Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support Naked Wanderings
2020-11-28 Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Naturist But Were Afraid To Ask Travel Awaits
2020-11-27 How did nudism get started? WWII and Naturism… an unexpected combination iHeart Radio
2020-11-21 Nudist News Show: Episode 3 Youtube
2020-11-10 The Global Naturist Forum - speakers and panellists announced! British Naturism
2020-11-03 Nothing new about using nudity in politics and protest The Toronto Star
2020-11-02 NL Newsday - Stephane Deschenes - Nov 2 Radio NL Local First News
2020-10-04 Sunday Crossword Washington Post
2020-10-01 Nude beaches and resorts near Toronto and the rising popularity of naturism Soundcloud
2020-10-01 Nude beaches and resorts near Toronto and the rising popularity of naturism blogTO
2020-09-26 ONSP Episode #26 Stephan "The Naturist Living Show"
2020-08-31 Bare facts on naturism CHCH
2020-08-31 Last weekend's most interesting race: a naked 5K
2020-08-20 Le naturisme pour profiter de l'été Ici.Radio-Canada
2020-08-13 Naturism (AKA Nudism) in the time of COVID-19 Newstalk 1010
2020-08-04 Summer Skinny Dipping
2020-06-05 Getting naked in quarantine: Interest peaks in nudist lifestyle during COVID-19 pandemic CTV News
2020-04-29 Take Two: Interviewing Stéphane Deschênes
2020-04-23 The Forum Live: Interviewing Stéphane Deschênes
2020-04-09 How Ontario nudists are handling being completely exposed in the time of COVID-19
2020-03-16 8 Naturist Resorts that are Perfect for First-Time Naturists Naked Wanderings
2020-01-29 Episode 40 : Garden of Eden (1954) (A Nudist Film) Review & Discussion The Movie Men
2020-01-26 Episode 39 : Nudity In Film feat. Nudist-Campground Owner - Stéphane Deschênes The Movie Men
2020-01-26 The Movie Men Bonus Show Episode 13: Nudism/Naturism Q&A with Stéphane Deschênes The Movie Men
2019-11-13 Art residency: Yelena Myshko International artists live in the nude for ten days
2019-07-04 When Do You Get Nude at a Nudist Resort? Naked Wanderings
2019-06-28 The EG Beaver traveled to a unique EG landmark today, do you think you can figure out where she is? Facebook
2019-06-04 Baring It All
2019-04-19 Bare Oaks The Bulletin (AANR)
2019-03-25 N/A - podcast episode doesn't seem to be available CBC's Laugh Out Loud
2019-03-11 Nude Home Parties Naked Wanderings
2019-03-07 12 + 1 Nude Events You Don't Want To Miss In 2019 Naked Wanderings
2018-11-21 Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
2018-11-12 The Naturist Talks: Raven from Canada Naked Wanderings
2018-10-08 Getting Naked in Ontario and Quebec Naked Wanderings
2018-09-23 N/A - photos posted to FB of their visit to Bare Oaks Naked Wanderings
2018-09-13 Not your common blog post about nude art Naked Wanderings
2018-09-10 Review: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada Naked Wanderings
2018-09-06 Can a naturist resort be successful while maintaining its values? Naked Wanderings
2018-08-29 Wandering around Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto (FB photo album) Naked Wanderings
2018-08-05 Best Nudist Resorts in North America Review Resorts
2018-07-23 Poll: Would you go on a nudism vacation? Montreal Gazette
2018-06-21 A beginner's guide to the naturist movement
2018-05-18 The Nudists: Photographer uses mirror to create collaborative portraits with naturists TNPJ
2018-03-29 Mirrors
2018-02-18 CH Interview - Children, Naturism, and Pornography April 11, 2005 Youtube
2017-08-24 NutureUrNature Meditation Retreat - Bare Oaks
2017-08-23 The Todd Shapiro Show: Ep807 The Todd Shapiro Show
2017-08-20 Une résidence d'artistes… à poil! Facebook
2017-08-10 5 Naturists Reveal The Secret To Having Body Confidence Huffpost
2017-07-24 An Art Residency exploring the Nude Human Body in context of Nature, Culture and Art
2017-07-13 Want to go swimming nude? We've got you covered The Toronto Star
2017-07-13 East Gwillimbury: Naturist Park vimeo
2017-07-04 Runners bare all at Ontario's Bare Oaks clothes-free 5K Canadian Running
2017-07-01 Ten Years of Growth at Bare Oaks Going Natural magazine
2017-06-05 Le naturisme : bien dans peau, bien dans son environnement Ici.Radio-Canada
2017-04-05 Bare With Me: An Introduction to Naturism 400project
2017-03-22 Actors, audiences engage with nakedness in two Toronto productions The Toronto Star
2017-03-07 Do naturists have the right idea raising kids around social nudity? The Toronto Star
2017-02-17 Podcast Episode 124: Family Naturism -- Raising Kids Around Social Nudity The New Family Podcast
2017-01-10 1,000 Families Project: Naked Among the Oak Trees -- A Mom of Two Embraces Naturism The New Family
2016-09-25 Bare Oaks Naturists Club in East Gwillimbury Ontario, Canada / Thousand Islands
2016-09-01 Bare Naked at Bare Oaks Nude In Canada
2016-08-26 Brendan Canning - Book It To Fresno [Official Video] (Uncensored) vimeo
2016-07-21 We're just another show in town': Nudists say clothed bathers flocking to beaches designated for the disrobed National Post
2016-05-17 World Naked Gardening Day - Interview with Stéphane Deschênes  iHeart Radio
2016-04-27 Naturism is about way more than getting naked in the woods sheknows
2016-04-16 Finding Ourselves Under the Layers East Gwillimbury's Bulletin Magazine
2015-08-21 How to Be Naked in Public The New York Times Magazine
2015-07-23 Soalr facility at East Gwillimbury's Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park 'paves way for others'
2015-07-02 Lianne Mauladin's Decent Exposure -
2015-03-28 CTV Kitchener: Naturists take a peek CTV Kitchener
2015-02-23 Nudist Vacation Hot Spots That Will Blow Your Mind Huffpost
2014-10-09 East Gwillimbury, Georgina team up in tourism strategy
2014-09-13 Kevin Frankish in his birthday suit Breakfast Television[0]=AT01q2FX5b2jH-L5cVRkX6C1p1YSY01dX_Ep6PlgdVVhvdGXRfS2lEu2hI0Ue9ycel82PYG8z1s_J6eGBbDWtri0sxeOxuHULVlu-pc2I0b96oRT8Ifp5VzC4Fpjdw4VHNFyViXKIsDoq8E88F0fbFJ9aW71Lz76hOQxmSZ9xk2hx7ksnxd9AhlXlHAB3_73S2kTJf16I94
2014-09-06 N/A - Nikki and Stéphane attended the EG homeshow to promote Bare Oaks EG Homeshow
2014-08-12 I spent the afternoon naked in public and there was nothing weird about it (NSFW) Plaid Zebra
2014-08-01 The Sarong: Destroyer of Naturist Worlds! Going Natural magazine
2014-08-01 The Sarong: Destroyer of Naturist Worlds! La Vie au Soleil magazine
2014-08-01 The Sarong: Destroyer of Naturist Worlds! The Australian Naturist magazine
2014-08-01 The Sarong: Destroyer of Naturist Worlds! Go Natural magazine (New Zealand)
2014-07-28 That Time I Did Stand Up Comedy… Naked She Does The City
2014-07-14 Be Bold: Go Naked Canadian Living
2014-06-18 "We are all naked under our clothes, are we not?" The Sputnik - WLUSP
2014-06-17 Canadians open to going nude on vacation: Survey Toronto Sun
2014-05-30 Interview with Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, the First Nudist Resort to Accept Bitcoin
2014-05-19 Canadian Nudist Resort Bare Oaks Accepts Bitcoin
2014-05-19 Digitally Remaster Your Business Now Or You Will Die Like Kodak
2014-05-16 Why this Canadian nudist resort started accepting bitcoin Canadian Business
2014-01-27 Everybody, let's get naked!
2014-01-24 Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park Blog Post - Jody Urquhart
2013-08-09 (Mention) I never want to wear clothes again. Facebook
2013-07-31 Bare Oaks Movie 2013 Youtube
2013-06-24 Newroads Finds Nudity | Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park NewRoads Automotive Group
2013-05-09 Nudists gather clothes for others to wear The Toronto Star
2013-01-07 France: Catch the summer sun at a naturist resort Los Angeles Times
2012-09-16 N/A - video clip no longer available Rogers TV
2012-09-06 Weir In The World - Naturist Resort Youtube
2012-06-26 True story: How my editor got me to visit a nudist park Best Health
2012-06-21 N/A - Heat wave announcement CITY-TV's Breakfast Television
2012-06-21 Getting naked is the secret to beating the heat, says Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park owner Toronto Star
2012-06-21 PHOTOS: Beat the heat at a nudist camp Toronto Star
2011-12-29 25 oddest photos of 2011 National Post
2011-09-21 Nudity not optional for photographer at naturist camp in Canada
2011-09-21 Nudist camp in Sharon, Ont.
2011-09-21 (Google translated): Naked Park in Canada (Vietnam)
2011-09-20 (Google translated): Exploring the Canadian Celestial Park
2011-09-20 Vacation in your Birthday Suit at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park ibtimes
2011-09-20 Lumea văzută prin teleobiectiv. Sanctar nudist (Romania)
2011-09-19 Naturism: These images contain nudity Reuters News Agency
2011-09-19 La práctica de nudismo comunitario es posible en Canadá
2011-05-28 Q Podcast with Jian Ghomeshi Q - CBC radio podcasts
2011-02-17 Where to eat naked in Toronto blogTO
2010-08-21 Grinning and baring it - Nudist resorts seeing a surge in young guests The Hamilton Spectator
2010-07-10 Skinny-Dip report - A Channel News, Barrie A Channel News, Barrie
2010-07-09 Naked lunch - and naked breakfast The Globe and Mail
2010-05-09 Nudists dare to be bare despite recent resort closures CTV News
2010-05-09 Nudists dare to be bare despite recent resort closures Winnipeg Free Press
2010-05-09 Nudists dare to be bare despite recent resort closures Winnipeg Sun
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' Montreal Gazette
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' Ottawa Citizen
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' Calgary Herald
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' Edmonton Journal
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' Vancouver Sun
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations'
2010-05-01 Canadian nudists shedding clothes for summer 'nakations' The Windsor Star
2010-01-07 Clothing-optional is not the answer British Naturism
2009-12-31 The year in pictures: the favourites Toronto Star
2009-08-29 Nudists stripped of their homes Toronto Sun
2009-08-28 Nudists are losing a place to hang out Toronto Star
2009-08-28 Left out in the cold Metro News
2009-07-11 N/A - Discussion about the volleyball tournament CITY TV's Breakfast Television
2009-07-11 N/A - Volleyball tournament at Bare Oaks was mentioned at 14min into the video Rogers Community TV
2009-07-11 N/A - Follow up story about the volleyball tournament National Post
2009-02-03 Living the nude life The Eyeopener, Ryerson University
2008-06-19 Starkers! Toronto Star
2008-06-11 Bare Oaks is meeting the challenge! N Magazine
2008-05-31 Why nude is the new black Toronto Star
2008-05-29 Is naturism more than recreation? Going Natural magazine
2008-05-07 Around the world without a stitch on Metro News
2007-10-01 America Special - Fun for all the family! (?) H&E naturist magazine
2007-07-12 N/A - News clip related to Nude Recreation Week and Open House City News*/
2007-06-29 N/A - News clip related to 1st Annual Greater Toronto Volleyball Tournament Global TV News
2007-06-13 N/A - News clip related to heat alert Global TV News
2007-06-07 Bare Oaks naturalist camp gets new owners, facelift Newmarket Era
2007-06-04 A step-by-step guide to help naturism get its mojo back Toronto Star
2007-06-04 Interest sags in nude retreats Toronto Star
2007-06-04 N/A - News clip related to new ownership of the park Rogers Community Channel