These campground-specific regulations are in addition to the Member and Visitor Agreement.

  • For overnight camping, check-in time is 2 p.m. and checkout is noon.
  • You can request a key fob ($10 deposit) that provides 24-hour access to the park. Each key fob is unique and will be registered to you.  It should therefore not be lent to anyone else. If you allow anyone else access to the property using your key fob, you become responsible for their actions.
  • Only one motorized vehicle is permitted on each site.
  • Our tap water is a precious resource. As such, no washing cars or watering lawns with tap water.
  • Children under 18 years old are not permitted off their site after 9:00 PM unless accompanied by a parent.
  • All guests must be registered at the office. Members in good standing can pre-register guests if they are willing to take full responsibility for their behaviour.
  • Please try to minimize your trash through recycling and by purchasing products with minimal packaging. Your site’s trash should be deposited in the dumpster on the entrance road. No metal, wood or large items are to be deposited at the container or elsewhere on the grounds. Large item disposal: $10 (Contact office)
  • The office will not normally take any messages for visitors or members because it is too difficult to get those messages delivered.

Your site and trailer/RV must be kept clean and neat at all times. No contractor can be on the property without the approval of Bare Oaks management. For a list of approved contractors, please contact the office.

We keep sites open for short-term camping. These campsites are not for trailer storage. A trailer or tent can only be on the site while the occupants are using it. Because we have a limited number of campsites, we do this to make sure that as many sites as possible are available for weekend and vacation campers.

Water Supply Information

You can safely drink the water at Bare Oaks. Two wells supply water into our treatment and distribution equipment. The system is registered and inspected by the government and must meet very strict standards. The water is filtered, disinfected with UV light, chlorinated and tested daily for adequate chlorine. Further tests are conducted periodically, by an independent laboratory, to ensure the absence of a multitude of biological and chemical substances. The system was designed and certified by an engineer. Finally, it is operated and monitored by people who have been trained and accredited.

If you are interested in purchasing a Trailer or RV at Bare Oaks

Please note that Trailers or RVs that will be staying on the property must be sold through the Bare Oaks office. This is necessary in order to insure that all potential purchasers are aware of Bare Oaks regulations and are appropriate for membership. Trailers or RVs sold directly must be removed from the Bare Oaks property. Site leases are not transferable. We strongly recommend that you inquire at the office before you begin negotiating to purchase a trailer or RV. See our Trailer Sales page.