In early 2013, Lianne Mauladin contacted us to see if we would be interested in having the stand-up comedians from the Merry Janes of Comedy perform at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. When asked if they were OK with performing clothes-free, Lianne replied that they were fine with us being naked but didn’t think they would have to be nude. After our Ethical Naturism philosophy was explained as the reason why nudity is required, she said she would ask the other comics. While she had some difficulty finding comedians willing to perform nude, she did manage to put together an excellent show. Since then, it has become a personal challenge for many in the comedy community. Performing stand-up is already one of the most intimidating performance formats; doing it nude is one of the few things that can make it even more challenging. As Aisha Alpha said in a June 2015 Torontoist article:

Comedy, for Alfa, “is me making myself vulnerable on stage, and watching a vulnerable reaction to what I put out there. I’ll be doing comedy in the nude at Bare Oaks naturist resort on June 27, and I feel like things are coming full circle: I get ‘naked’ on stage by being vulnerable regularly with my stand up comedy, and now I’m actually doing it! Nightmare juice or, perhaps, a super liberating experience.”

Some have done it repeatedly. Many have been inspired to write and incorporate new material in their routines. Others are patiently (and perhaps anxiously) waiting for their turn…

Shows are free-of-charge for registered guests and members of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. They are held during the two volleyball tournament weekends. (July 1st weekend and 2nd weekend in August)

The Nude Stand-Up Comedy Hall of Fame

August 2022

August 20th

July 2022

Tamara Shevon
Daphney Joseph
Sarah Ashby
Lianne Mauladin

The stand up comics from July 2022

August 2021

Laura Di diablo
Cassie Cao
Sheryl Cowden
Lianne Mauladin

July 2021

Elisabeth Bailey
Heather Mac Donald
Adrienne Fish
Lianne Mauladin

August 2020

Harpreet Sehmbi
Natalie Norman
Lianne Mauladin

Naked comedians

July 2020

Amy Cunningham
Foad HP (host)
and a mystery performer

Nudist Stand Up Comics

August 2019

Karen O’Keeffe
Rachel Manson
Amanda Day
Lianne Malaudin

naturist stand-up comics at Bare Oaks

June 2019

Sarah Ashby
Leonard Chan
Foad HP (Host)

nude comics at Bare Oaks

February 2019

The first nude stand-up comedy event held in Toronto at Absolute Comedy and organized by the GTA Skinny Dippers.

Alan Shane Lewis
Eworld B. Kim
Che Durena
Foad HP (Host)

August 2018

Melanie Dahling
Melissa story
Rebecca Reeds
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

July 2018

Adrienne Fish
Lucy Gervais
Sara Starkman
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

August 2017

Adrienne Fish
Courtney Gilmour
Ashley Moffatt
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

August 2017 nude comedy at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

July 2017

Caitlin Langelier (featured)
Amanda Day  (host)
Lianne Mauladin (Headliner)

August 2016

Natalie Norman
Candice Gregoris
Camilly Cote
Lianne Mauladin

July 2016

Lianne Mauladin (Headliner)
Jess Beaulieu
Amanda Day
Shirley Whalen (Host)

Stand up comedy exposed in July 2016

August 2015

Julia Hladkowicz (Headliner)
Dena Jackson
Jackie Pirico
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

Stand-up comics naked at Bare Oaks Aug 2015

July 2015

Aisha Alfa (Headliner)
Natalie Norman
Jackie Pirico
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

Mary-Janes of Comedy perform clothes-free at Bare Oaks in 2015


Kate Davis (Headliner)
Jess Beaulieu
Natalie Norman
Lianne Mauladin (Host)

Stand-up comedians perform nude at Bare Oaks in 2014


Lianne Mauladin (Headliner)
Precious Chong
Amanda Day
Paul Hutcheson (Host)

Nude stand-up comedy at Bare Oaks in 2013