Bare Oaks has its own geocache!

The location of the cache was a subject of debate. While having one near the road would make it accessible to more people, we decided that it would be more interesting to have one inside the park. That would provide the greatest challenge given the nudity requirement if they came during warm weather.

A policy was instituted that seekers of the cache receive a complimentary pass when they tell the office that they are there to find the geocache. They have to show photo ID and register like any visitor but no fee is required (it’s not cool to setup a cache just to generate admission revenue).

However, it ended up creating a whole bunch of trouble. Groundspeak Inc., the corporation that owns the most popular website known as refused to allow the cache because of the nudity requirement. We got into a big argument that many other locations have regulations and that ours could be avoided by coming during cold weather. But they wouldn’t budge. Each time we successfully dismissed their argument they came up with a new one. Ultimately, they probably decided that they were uncomfortable with the nudity aspect in general and were just trying to find a way to apply their existing regulations to refuse the cache. It’s strange because is full of discussions about nude geocachers.

So we listed the cache in instead. The cache is called “Barely Hidden” (#OU0652).

Blake setup the geocache. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if there is a problem with the cache, please feel free to contact him at: