Just in time for the busy season, we have finished several major renovations! First, the showers and toilets in the clubhouse have been completely renovated. The floor was ripped up to fix some drainage issues and all the tiles on the walls and floors have been redone. The plumbing is all new as is the hardware. It looks great and the showers are so much nicer to use now. We also finished the door replacement project that started in late 2022. The fire inspector required us to replace the doors on all the guest rooms as well as add a firedoor in the hallway. ItRead More →

We’ve grown tremendously over the last 6 years and that has put a strain on our infrastructure. Last summer, we had over 2,200 visits by non-members. So as an example, a busy weekend now means hundreds of showers in the morning which has led water outages. So this year we’re doing a number of projects to increase our capacity. The image above is a crane installing a 16-ton concrete water cistern. It is one of two. When they are both activated in a few weeks, that will give us a total 45,400 litres of water holding capacity. We are also doing other projects related to variousRead More →