After 10 years of frustration, we finally have a super-fast internet connection to the outside world through Vianet. It’s like we’ve gone from dial-up to fibre! (a dedicated, bidirectional 100Mbps connection for the geeks out there)Read More →

OK, that talking head that popped up every time we loaded the front page was getting annoying. Plus some people complained that the unexpected voice at work was embarrassing – good point. So we’ve revamped the page so that our spokesperson now walks on quietly carrying a sign that says “click to play video”.  When you do, then you get the discourse – but you’ve had fair warning. So you no longer have to be afraid to load the web page while in your cubicle at work. P.S. It only works if your system supports Flash. So it won’t work on many phones …or the iPad or iPhone becauseRead More →

We have launched a completely new website. While it may not appear that different, it was completely rebuilt using the Joomla content management system. Initially, we have maintained most of the look and feel of the website in order to have a consistent message. But this new system will allow us to provide far more functionality and flexibility in our website design. Already, you can find enhanced navigation in the menu, an RSS feed for the used trailer sales, and a greatly improved events calendar display. Take a look and let us know what you think. www.BareOaks.caRead More →