Trailers Available for Sale by Members

Trailers become available for sale regularly as people upgrade or move away from the area. If you want to keep up to date as to what is available for sale, you have 4 options:

  1. Keep checking this webpage
  2. Subscribe to this RSS Feed
  3. Check the bulletin board outside the office
  4. Get Email Updates by subscribing to the Trailer Sales Newsletter:

To visit one of the trailers listed below or for more information, please contact the office.

Please note that all Trailers or RVs that will be staying on the property must be sold through the Bare Oaks office. This is necessary in order to insure that all potential purchasers are aware of Bare Oaks regulations and are appropriate for membership. Trailers or RVs sold directly must be removed from the Bare Oaks property. Site leases are not transferable. We strongly recommend that you inquire at the office before you begin negotiating to purchase a trailer or RV.

Notice: Trailers are listed in chronological order. (newest listings first) Old listings are still available as reference information. It is highly unlikely that there are unsold listings in the older pages.