We have had a lot of exposure in recent months. The coverage has been very positive. (pardon the two puns) It’s great to see that the media treats naturism as a real option. Of course, they can’t resist having some fun with the expected puns. That doesn’t bother me since naturism is fun and it is indeed a strange concept to the textile world. Humour is the best way we handle things that make us feel uncomfortable. It’s certainly better than reacting with fear, insecurity and anger. That was the old reaction to the idea of naturism.

We have had two article in the Toronto Star on June 4th and June 30th. (those are unfortunately no longer available online) We were on the cover of the June 7th Era Banner. We had several mentions on radio stations Q107, CFNY and CFRB. On June 4th, Rogers Community Channel did a story on the park and its name change. On June 13 Global TV News did a story on the hot temperatures in Toronto and how people could cope. It featured a brief portion on Bare Oaks. On June 29 Global TV News did an excellent story on the upcoming volleyball tournament. On July 12, CITY TV did a very good piece on the pétanque tournament and open house during Nude Recreation Week. That particular story ran several times over the next few days. As well, MTV did a story at Bare Oaks that I missed but I am awaiting a video tape. Naked News has shot several segments and plans to shoot more in August. (they have limited outdoor options) Slice TV (formerly LIFE Network) shot a brief segment for a wedding planning show which is yet to air.

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