We have a number of items up for auction: NO RESERVE! The highest bid gets it no matter how ridiculously low it isRead More →

Recently, the Friends of Hanlan’s got some important concessions from the city of Toronto for Toronto’s official nude beach. To celebrate, a number of organizations, including Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, are organizing the “Hanlan’s in the Buff – Naturist Beach Day”. Date: Saturday, July 29, 2023 Time: 1pm until sunset Location: Hanlan’s Point Nude Beach Join us!    Read More →

The bridge on Kennedy Road that has often been repaired is getting completely replaced. That means that starting this week and for an estimated 3 months, Kennedy Road will be closed between Mount Albert Road and Doane Road. To and from the south, access will be via either Doane Road or Queensville Sideroad. When coming up Highway 404, it will likely be faster to exit further north at the Queensville Road off ramp. https://www.yorkregion.com/news/kennedy-road-in-east-gwillimbury-closed-for-3-months-for-bridge-replacement/article_79ff2fac-e53e-5918-b516-680362a26c50.html July 19, 2023 update: Construction finally started today. The road is now closed at the bridge.Read More →

Trailers do not go up for sale very often. But two new listings have just been added: Used Trailers for Sale at Bare Oaks  Read More →

Come to Bare Oaks on July 8th for the 2023 Skinny Dip Day! https://SkinnyDipDay.org Make a donation and show the receipt when you register at the office and we will deduct your donation from your day fee. (up to the full amount of the day fee only, we won’t give you money back 😁)Read More →

The Bare Oaks Social Committee has updated their website: https://BareOaksSocial.ca/ For those who don’t know, this is a group of dedicated volunteer members who help organize events. So whether you’re looking for events to participate in or are thinking of organizing your own event, take a look at the new BOSC website!Read More →

Just in time for the busy season, we have finished several major renovations! First, the showers and toilets in the clubhouse have been completely renovated. The floor was ripped up to fix some drainage issues and all the tiles on the walls and floors have been redone. The plumbing is all new as is the hardware. It looks great and the showers are so much nicer to use now. We also finished the door replacement project that started in late 2022. The fire inspector required us to replace the doors on all the guest rooms as well as add a firedoor in the hallway. ItRead More →

Members and visitors to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park from new and more practical keyfobs and keybandsRead More →

The lava lamp is a cultural icon of the 60’s and 70’s and is also closely tied to naturism through its inventor, Edward Craven Walker.Read More →