Map showing where Kennedy Road is closed for bridge replacement

The bridge on Kennedy Road that has often been repaired is getting completely replaced. That means that starting this week and for an estimated 3 months, Kennedy Road will be closed between Mount Albert Road and Doane Road. To and from the south, access will be via either Doane Road or Queensville Sideroad. When coming up Highway 404, it will likely be faster to exit further north at the Queensville Road off ramp.

July 19: Construction started. The road is closed at the bridge.

Update: On December 19th, York Region announced that construction would continue until the end of March 2024. (It was originally supposed to take 3 month but they had already extended on October 30th until the end of 2023.)

March 28, 2024:  The bridge is open again!!  (total time: 8 months)

Signs on Kennedy Road explaining that the road is closed at the bridge