The Naked State Art Residency is off to a great start! See some of the artists at work:

There are many opportunities for members and visitors to meet the artists, get involved in their work, and experience their art.

Tue 9th, 2-5pm: No Object durational performance artwork without any objects, costume or clothing

No Object is a multi-generational group of artists that produce performances in empty spaces without any objects, costume or any clothing. Working from this minimalist aesthetics, the group is continuing to challenge itself with a focus on the potential of the body. Sympathy, empathy, trust, gaining strength and energy from the group are important components to the work. This practice requires them to be in the moment, being conscious of each other and being aware of our bodies in relationship to others and our surroundings. No Object will be conducting a performance in a select area of the park, to be announced over the load speakers slightly before their performance. 

Tue 9th and Wed 10th, 4-6pm: have a conversation with Naked State artists in their studios

The Naked State artists are interested in getting to know members of the Bare Oaks community, and would also love to answer any questions they may have about the art they’re creating over the 10-day residency.  Drop by their studios to schedule a visit with participating artists.

Tue 9th to Sat 13th: Free Portrait Session with Naked State artist Matt Hamon (

Matt Hamon is interested in making portraits of naturists. Matt is a former assistant and printer for world renowned naturist photographer, Jock Sturges. In exchange for your participation you will receive an editioned, archival print from your portrait session. Families, groups and individuals are welcome to participate. Please visit Matt at cabin 10 to set up a time for your photo session.

Wed 10th, mid day: Be in a photograph of a pile of Naturists!

Naked State artist Natalie Wardle ( is planning to photograph a group of naturists cuddled and piled over top each other. For details or to sign up, please visit Natalie at cabin 11.

Sat 13th 5-8pm, and Sun 14th 10am-12pm: Naked State art residency closing Exhibition

Over these two days, Naked State artists will present the artworks developed during their 10-day residency at Bare Oaks. There will be installations, performance artworks, paintings, collages, videos, participatory live artworks, and photography. This is the finale. Hope to see many of you there!