Robert, a Bare Oaks member, suggested that we do a media release during this week’s heat wave. So we sent out the following by email:

Nudity: The natural way to deal with the heat

The human body is very capable of handling this heat wave that Southern Ontario is experiencing. But the key is to remove all clothing so that the skin can do its job. Even a bathing suit or a pair of shorts will impede the body’s ability to dissapate heat by confusing their thermoregulatory systems. In fact, most people’s natural ability to control body temperature is dormant because we spend all our time clothed in temperature-controlled environments. But that system can be reactivated if people begin to spend more time completely nude in varied temperatures.

During this heat wave, Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is welcoming first-time visitors between 10am and 4pm at no charge. Not only will they be much more comfortable nude, taking a quick dip in the pool or the lake is just a matter of stepping in.

Of course, naturism is much more than just taking your clothes off. It is a life philosophy with physical, psychological, environmental, social and moral benefits. But with weather like this, the physical comfort benefits are most obvious!

We only know the results if people tell us. But we did hear that it ran on radio stations CHAY and 680 News.

On CITY-TV’s Breakfast Television, Kevin Frankish and Dina Pugliese dida segment yesterday morning.

There is also anarticle in today’s Toronto Star by Tim Alamenciak with aphoto gallery online by Steve Russell.