The final sign is up! There are now signs on Highway 400 northbound (exit Davis Drive) and on Highway 404. (exit Mulock/Vivian) From there, smaller signs direct travellers northbound on Woodbine, eastbound on Mt. Albert, and finally northbound on Kennedy Road.

I’ve had many questions about the signs so here are a few of the most common explanations:

The smaller signs say “Bare Oaks Naturism” because of limited space. The signs are produced by York Region and we had a limited number of characters we could use. “Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park” was therefore out of the question! “Bare Oaks Park” would have fit but it seemed too generic. Given that our icon is a campground, people might have showed up with the wrong idea! (BTW, we didn’t get a choice of icon either.) “Bare Oaks Naturist” would have fit but that seemed like an incomplete name and it sounded like you were visiting a ‘thing’ instead of a place. We finally settled on “Bare Oaks Naturism.” While that is not the correct name, it at least suggests that our ‘campground’ has a unique and special philosophy.

Highway 400
The Davis Drive exit was chosen because it is the only road that goes all the way through to Woodbine.

Highway 404
The Mulock/Vivian exit was chosen because there was no room left for signs at the Davis Drive exit.

Green Lane & Woodbine
There is no sign pointing the way on Greenlane at Woodbine. That’s because we’re limited in the number of signs we’re allowed to have. We needed one at Davis Drive for those who have come across from Highway 400. We needed another sign at Mulock/Vivian for those who exited from Highway 404. We also needed to send people north on Woodbine and then east on Mt. Albert Road because Kennedy does not go through just north of Davis Drive.