Photo by tanakawho

The summer water system is now working so all trailers now have access to running water.

The toilets and showers in Beckett Circle are not yet functional. As soon as they are cleaned and tested, they will also be opened.

Although our water is filtered and chlorinated, we do not meet the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s standards for drinking water.The York Region Health Inspector tested our water in March 2007 and told us that we met regulation 252 because he believed that we were a trailer park or campground with less than five service connections. However, because we are a campground with year-round use and more than 5 connections, we must meet regulation 170. (Municipal Residential Drinking Water Systems) We are currently trying to meet regulation 170. We are working with engineer to get a report that will allow us to register the water system with the Ministry of the Environment. Until then, we must notify you that our water is not potable and you should “bring water to a rapid rolling boil for at least one minute before use.”