Nobody wants another lockdown!  To prevent that we need: People to maintain physical distance and wear masks indoors To do a lot of testing to identify problems early Tracing to warn anyone who is exposed and prevent further spread In order to make the third objective more effective, we need as many people as possible to install the Canadian contact tracing app on their smartphone. It’s free and if you come Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and show the app you get $10 off your day fees when you visit in August. Members get a $10 credit on their account if they show the app onRead More →

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is offering a coupon for a free first-time visit until June 28.* You can get the coupon from either: The Bare Oaks Facebook Page The Bare Oaks Website Help introduce your friends to naturism by sharing this coupon. Those new to naturism or Bare Oaks will also find our First Visit Page useful: *As with all offers like this, some conditions apply. See the coupon for details.Read More →