Members and visitors to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park from new and more practical keyfobs and keybandsRead More →

This is not the first time a bear has been spotted this year. Generally they are still afraid of people which is a good thing. But they keep coming back because they find food. So please: Garbage put garbage in containers that have tight-fitting lids and store it in a bear-proof location such as a sturdy shed spray garbage cans and lids with bleach or another a strong disinfectant  take garbage to the dumpster often Bird feeders fill bird feeders only through the winter months put away feeders in the spring and instead, offer birds natural alternatives (e.g. flowers, nesting boxes, fresh water) Pet foodRead More →

The equipment has finally arrived and we will be beginning the transition to the new access control system. Here are the key dates: Friday July 8th New keyfobs are available for purchase at the office July 8th to 24th The old system still works while members have two weeks to get their new keyfobs Monday July 25th The new access control system is activated and the new inbound gate near Kennedy is lowered. Access through the first gate is now only via: New keyfob By intercom during office hours July 25th to September 5th Members can return their old keyfob for a $10 credit onRead More →

video platform video management video solutions video player Why does the 20/20 interviewer assume that there’s something wrong with children being nude or seeing their parents nude? As we know, being ourselves is natural. Instead of searching for experts who can tell you how wrong it is, why not look for research on the topic? There are a multitude of scholarly research studies on this topic in psychology and sociology that have shown that children raised with social nudity benefit from the practice. Instead of assuming that children in a naturist environment are somehow at risk, why not consider the facts first? Clearly keeping kidsRead More →