The Bare Oaks Social Committee has updated their website: For those who don’t know, this is a group of dedicated volunteer members who help organize events. So whether you’re looking for events to participate in or are thinking of organizing your own event, take a look at the new BOSC website!Read More →

RIB DINNER Ribs, Chicken (pre order), Potato, Corn, Salad and Dessert JULY 30 @ 6 PM Eco Prize draw for everyone who brings a reusable table setting. BECKETT CIRCLE FIRE PIT   Cost $20 per person, $10 twelve and under, $50 per family EVERYONE WELCOME Tickets available at Office and Rainy and Greg’s site 227Read More →

There has been a rumour going around that children are not welcome at the Halloween Dinner and Dance. It is the policy of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park that nobody is excluded from any park-sanctioned activity. That includes events organized by volunteer members and approved by the social committee. With regards to the upcoming Halloween Dinner and Dance, we have spoken to the organizers and they told us that they are not excluding children from attending. In order to emphasize this, they are now offering a half-price ($10) ticket for children 10 and under. There certainly are events at Bare Oaks that may be better suitedRead More →

The time and effort that the members of the social committee are putting in is very much appreciated! The role of the committee is an important one. They provide a key link between all the members and Bare Oaks’ management. They help organize and coordinate events to prevent conflict. They also maintain the schedule and help foster a strong feeling of community at the park. (Just look at the jam-packed event schedule for this year!) The counsel that comes from their experience and knowledge helps new organizers create fun and successful events. But there has been some misunderstanding about the role of the social committee.Read More →