There has been a rumour going around that children are not welcome at the Halloween Dinner and Dance. It is the policy of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park that nobody is excluded from any park-sanctioned activity. That includes events organized by volunteer members and approved by the social committee.

With regards to the upcoming Halloween Dinner and Dance, we have spoken to the organizers and they told us that they are not excluding children from attending. In order to emphasize this, they are now offering a half-price ($10) ticket for children 10 and under.

There certainly are events at Bare Oaks that may be better suited for more limited demographics. But whether a child should attend an event is up to the parents to decide. For example, how late a parent allows children to stay at an event is their decision. As well, parents understand that if they bring their children to an event where adults consume alcohol, they could be exposed to language and behaviour that they may have to explain. But any behaviour that is truly inappropriate for children to see is almost certainly unsuitable for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

It is understandable that adults sometime want to spend time without their children. Of course, there are many places outside of Bare Oaks where people can do that. And at Bare Oaks, members are welcome to hold events at their campsite where they are free to invite (and exclude) anyone they want. But park-sanctioned events will never exclude children because we do not want to preclude parents from attending. (sometimes, parents cannot find child care) As long as parents take responsibility for their children, as they are required to do, it should not impede anyone else’s ability to enjoy themselves.