Trailers do not go up for sale very often. But two new listings have just been added: Used Trailers for Sale at Bare Oaks  Read More →

There is a great demand for trailer sites at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. There 14 members on the waiting list for a year-round campsite. But rest assured that we will continue to keep 25 sites for short-term use. That way, everyone gets a chance to spend a weekend or their vacation at the park. But if you want a year-round campsite, there are ways to get there faster. (1) Members who take an unserviced spot (no water, no electricity) get priority on the waiting list. (2) Members who buy an existing used trailer with a campsite through the office get to keep the site.Read More →

A trailer in Helios Circle has just been listed for sale. Not only is it one of only two trailers for sale at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park (there are no year-round sites left) this one is serviced with year-round water, sewer & 100 amp electrical services! For those looking for a more affordable option, there is also a 2007 27ft Starcraft Aruba Travel Trailer for sale. For more details, go to: More →

A few weeks ago, 3 used trailers were added to the Used Trailers for Sale page which meant that there were 4 for sale. Now there are only 2 left.  So if you are interested in a used trailer, go to for details. Currently, there is one small trailer without a site that has been very well maintained. There is also a larger trailer on a premium wooded lot. So if you are interested in a trailer or a site at Bare Oaks, don’t wait until the summer. There may not be any left.Read More →

Last year, several people were disappointed to find out that there were no long-term campsites left at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. We’re happy to announce that there are a few opportunities in Beckett Circle for people looking for a year-round campsite. Here are your options: 1. Take an empty site We opened several sites this year by clearing some brush and adding access to electricity & water in some areas. In addition, we had a couple of people give up their site. During the busy season, it was hard to figure out where we stood because we were always booked with visitors and weRead More →

This weekend is the Toronto Fall RV Show and Sale at the Toronto Congress Centre. If you have been thinking of getting a new trailer, this is a great opportunity to touch and feel all the different types. In addition, there are great deals to be had for those people who are willing to make a deal at the show. At the show you can tour many different models and types. From tent trailers to park model trailers. To understand the difference, visit the Go RVing website by clicking here. One of the brands that Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park sells, Northlander Industries, will beRead More →

The number of campsites at Bare Oaks are very limited for two reasons: Several areas of our property are environmentally sensitive and must be protected We want to keep our natural spaces open for our members to enjoy To ensure that all members can spend the occasional weekend or vacation at Bare Oaks, and to ensure that we continue to welcome visitors from all over the world, we will be keeping 25 campsites open for short-term use. Unfortunately, that means that we are very, very close to being out of sites for members who want a permanent, year-round campsite for their trailer. However, if youRead More →