Trailers for sale are now listed on the Bare Oaks website.

We list both used trailers for sale in the park (only one right now) and new trailers.

As far as new trailers are concerned, we’re offering the Timber Ridge Series Trailers by Woodland Park Inc.

Bare Oaks is not the dealer. We’re too small to be a trailer dealer. The dealer is Cedar Beach Trailer Sales over at Musselman’s Lake in Stouffville. In selecting a line of trailers to recommend to our members, we wanted to make sure it was the best quality. When we asked Cedar Beach why they were selling Woodland Park, they told us that when you sell trailers that are staying in your campground (Cedar Beach is also a very large campground) you have to sell a product with the highest quality possible otherwise you never hear the end of it from your members! Well if that’s good enough for Cedar Beach (they’ve been in business since 1929!) then that’s good enough for Bare Oaks.

Each unit is completely customizable so you don’t have to buy somebody else’s idea of what your trailer should look like. Financing is available based on your credit history. Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for 100% financing amortized over a period of up to 20 years.

Cedar Beach is a very professional organization. They are willing to spend the time with our members to explain the options. They know Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and are familiar with our requirements. They are nearby to ensure a quick and efficient installation.

The proof seems to be in the results in that we have already sold 3 Woodland Park Trailers!

If you are interested in a Woodland Park trailer, you can pick up a brochure in the office or contact us for more information.

Of course, you are free to purchase any trailer you want. There is no restriction on where you buy your trailer. All trailers must be in good condition. Trailers 10 years or older may not be accepted. Please check with the office before buying any trailer!

Click here for trailer sale information.