Many people have asked for expanded food services. When members and visitors come up for the day, they want to relax and sometimes that means having someone else do the cooking and cleanup. That’s certainly true of country clubs. They all have restaurants. Like them, we would like to have a restaurant and maybe even a liquor license in the near future to improve our members’ experience at Bare Oaks. Unfortunately, restaurants in country clubs and campgrounds don’t make any money either. The challenge for a restaurant at Bare Oaks is having enough sales to support itself given that it won’t have any walk-in traffic other than the members and visitors. Since many of those have cooking facilities in their trailers, the potential business is limited. Bare Oaks will have an expanded food service and we consider it to be a service not a profit centre. But there is a limit to how much money Bare Oaks can afford to lose on food and drink services. In order to keep a wider selection of food and drink, we now charge for the coffee. You can be assured when you come in every day that there is hot coffee waiting for you. The store now has a much wider assortment of drinks and snacks than in the past. But with greater selection comes greater waste and cost so you will find the prices are consistent with convenience stores in the textile world. The other change we have made is to turn over responsibility for all food and drink to a contractor. His name is Malcolm Scott and while he has limited expectations of profit from this new venture, he is passionate about food and, most importantly, about naturism at Bare Oaks. Just as Kathryn Munro’s catering of our dinners and dances has drawn rave revues, we hope that Malcolm’s food and drink services will keep members happy while providing him with a modest profit. If you have any complaints or suggestions for Malcolm, you can reach him at extension 320.