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Newspaper article about working at Bare Oaks
There is a great article about working at Bare Oaks in today's Living section of the Toronto Star. There are two very large colour photos on the front page of the section and page 6. LIVING FREE Starkers! Being naked is just another day at the office ... when you work in a naturist park Jun 19, 2008 04:30 AMNANCY J. WHITELIVING REPORTERIt wasn't the prospect of being nude all summer that bothered Nikki Lafrance, but rather the subtleties of applying for a job at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. When she was leaving a phone message for the owner, ...
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Sunshine & Cancer Prevention
In 1999, Going Natural published an article reviewing some little known research about the benefits of sun exposure. The article suggested that the advice and supporting research that told us to hide from the sun was very one-sided. It concluded that the sun had many health-giving benefits and that the advice being given a decade ago was probably an overreaction. In the ensuing years, we have been deluged by research studies on the benefits of vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin. The evidence that staying out of the sun was bad advice is now overwhelming. In an April ...
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Bare Oaks in N Magazine
Bare Oaks is featured in the Summer 2008 issue of N Magazinepublished by the Naturist Society. Read the complete article here: Anyone interested in subscribing to N Magazine can pickup a subscription form in the store/office at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. You can also purchase a copy of this issue from the Skinny Dipper Shop ...
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Volunteer day - Sunday
Sunday June 8th is volunteer day at Bare Oaks. Come and give us a few hours of your time to make the park a better place and we'll buy you lunch. We have a variety of different jobs so there's something for everyone. If you are volunteering, please come by the office and we'll point you in the right direction ...
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Bare Oaks in the Toronto Star
STATE OF UNDRESS Why nude is the new black Perhaps we're finally learning to love our own imperfect, aging flesh in all its glorious reality DAVID GRAHAM FASHION EDITOR Toronto Star, Saturday, May 31, 2008 Living Section Could a culture obsessed with Abercrombie gods and Victoria's Secret bombshells learn to love their own merely mortal physiques? If black represents a colour that's famous for helping men and women cover their real and imagined figure flaws, it can be assumed our current willingness to embrace all manner of nudity may be a symbol that we are becoming more at ease with ...
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