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2023 Clubhouse Renovations
Just in time for the busy season, we have finished several major renovations! First, the showers and toilets in the clubhouse have been completely renovated. The floor was ripped up to fix some drainage issues and all the tiles on the walls and floors have been redone. The plumbing is all new as is the hardware. It looks great and the showers are so much nicer to use now. We also finished the door replacement project that started in late 2022. The fire inspector required us to replace the doors on all the guest rooms as well as add a ...
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2022 Safe Travels Stamp Award from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park has been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp Award for Tourism Region Six by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO). The specially designed stamp, created by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), allows travelers to identify governments and companies around the world that have adopted globally standardized health and hygiene protocols, so consumers can travel safely. The award, presented at the 2022 Ontario Tourism Summit at Deerhurst Resort, was voted on by consumers. “The WTTC, in collaboration with industry partners like TIAO, created this stamp to help consumers feel safe about where they choose ...
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keyband and keyfob choices for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
When we first installed the Salto system for gates and doors, we were restricted to purchasing the RFID cards, fobs, and bands from them. They were expensive and the choice was limited. The white silicone bands were very durable but they were not adjustable and some found them too tight. So a couple of years ago we purchased a license which allowed us to program our own access credentials. That meant that we could now order directly from the manufacturer in China. The first ones arrived in 2021 and the last of our order arrived this summer. So you now ...
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Naturist man with his lava lamp
This is an authentic Astro lava lamp from Mathmos Ltd. It is the 1963 prototype design that started the trend and was then made by Crestworth Ltd in the United Kingdom. You can't buy the original in Canada because the rights for North America were sold to a company that now makes them in China. But the original is still manufactured and sold in the UK – the company was renamed Mathmos in 1992. (big thanks to Edwin who lugged it to Slovenia so I could have one) Why is this worthy of a blog post? Edward Craven Walker, the ...
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Family enjoying the comfort of naturism
The UK's Guardian newspaper started out the year with an article titled "Social media triggers children to dislike their own bodies, says study". They pointed out that that: 3 in 4 children as young as 12 dislike their bodies and are embarrassed by the way they look1 in 5 experience body image issues50% aged 12 to 21 said they have become withdrawn, started exercising excessively, stopped socialising completely, or self-harmed because they are regularly bullied or trolled online about their physical appearance70% say that social media makes them feel stressed, anxious and depresseda plethora of other research shows that the ...
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