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Firewood & Campfires
Firewood often contains insects and plant diseases. People who bring firewood from home may accidentally spread those diseases that threaten the health of our forest. The Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer are of particular concern. They are both recent arrivals to Canada and without natural controls here. To prevent infestation and on the advice of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) we have implemented a ban on firewood from outside the park. No firewood of any kind may be brought onto the Bare Oaks property.No standing tree, whether alive or dead, can be cut without permission. Firewood that ...
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Pool is OPEN!
OK, the water is still a bit cold since there hasn't been enough sun for the solar heater to do it's job. That didn't stop Dean from being first in the pool on May 10. (as usual!) The picture above is Steve who was the 2nd person in the pool. Nobody had a camera handy when Dean went in the pool. He was so eager to get into that clean but frigid water that the camera wasn't ready ...
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Bare Oaks in Metro Newspapers
There is an article about naturism in today's (May 7th) Metro newspaper. It is generally about naturist travel but it features a picture from Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. (with the website!) The column appears in the Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver editions of the newspaper. It is a free daily newspaper that is distributed mainly to commuters. The total circulation of all those editions is over 825,000 ...
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Summer water is ON
Photo by tanakawho The summer water system is now working so all trailers now have access to running water. The toilets and showers in Beckett Circle are not yet functional. As soon as they are cleaned and tested, they will also be opened. Although our water is filtered and chlorinated, we do not meet the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s standards for drinking water.The York Region Health Inspector tested our water in March 2007 and told us that we met regulation 252 because he believed that we were a trailer park or campground with less than five service connections. However, ...
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2008 rates
Photo by bradipo The 2008 rates have been posted on the website and take effect May 15th. Only a small increase of 2% or less has been implemented on long-term rates. Anyone paying their yearly fees before May 15 (even if their renewal date is after May 15) will pay the 2007 prices ...
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