Smartphone lens covers

We have had a number of incidents last summer where people using their smartphones looked like they were taking pictures. The Bare Oaks policy on photography has always welcomed picture taking as long as everyone within range gave permission. This was easy to manage when photography was only done using specific picture-taking devices. But the ubiquity of phones with built-in cameras and the fact that people are always using them has led to a great deal of consternation.

To solve this problem, members and visitors are now required to have a Bare Oaks camera sticker on the lens if they will be using their smartphone at the park. We had special ones produced by camJAMR in bright pink so its presence is obvious. The camJAMR people tell us that the adhesive will not damage your lens nor will it leave any residue.

We will give everyone one free sticker for their phone. But if you like them, you can purchase a set to block all your other cameras too. With all the stories going around about webcams being hacked, many people now like to cover all their digital camera lenses. But the custom Bare Oaks camJAMRs are only available through the office at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park!