There appears to be some confusion about our previous announcement regarding the new Ontario government regulation that takes effect on Wednesday, September 22nd. The proof of vaccination or medical exemption certificate requirement only applies to the indoor amenities of the clubhouse/main building. Since our initial announcement, the government has issued more details about where and how restrictions for unvaccinated people must be applied. The following activities and areas are NOT restricted:

  • Access to the office and store
  • Toilet near the office
  • Toilets by the beach and in the camping area
  • Eating at the Bare Bistro patio
  • Camping
  • Cabin rentals
  • Pool
  • Beach
  • All other outdoor areas

Once again, we ask that you recognise that our staff members are simply implementing a legal requirement from the Ontario Government. We understand that not everyone is in agreement with this new regulation. But failure to follow this law could result in the complete shutdown of our park. If you would like to express your opposition you should contact your MPP:

You can more details about the regulation in this government document: