Fibre Optic Internet at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Bare Oaks is now connected to the internet via a fibre optic connection. The image is of a single ‘naked’ core of fibre optic cabling coming into our telecom closet. Yet through that wire, experiments with ‘flexible grid’ technology have shown that you get get speeds in excess of one Tbps through a single core. What does that mean? Currently, we generally measure internet speed in Mbps. Gbps are 1,000 times faster and Tbps are a further 1,000 times faster! Of course, we have not contracted for anywhere near that much speed. But it means that as demand grows, we can easily increase our service. The cable coming into the park has multiple cores so our speed is, for our purposes, unlimited. We could build the first naturist server farm! 😁

This will not fix the problems that some people are currently experiencing with WiFi. Internet distribution on the property is still principally wireless. Foliage and the metal skin of trailers can pose a formidable challenge for 5GHz signals. So we will continue to do our best to improve access to some of the areas with poor coverage.