Yes, the hot tub is finally working. After an unbelievable number of challenges and delays, it is finally operational. The photo features Peter (who has been doing much of the work and coordinating the rest) bravely sacrificing himself to test the water. We have experienced many, many small issues: a week’s delay because of the heater needing service, 2 weeks’ delay to diagnose and repair a faulty electrical panel, 2 weeks to replace a brand new relay that failed, (special parts that must be ordered can take weeks to arrive) another week’s delay to replace hoses that were too short, and I could go on and on…  But it is now working!!!  Lots of pressure, no leaks and plenty of heat!

But… it’s not open yet. As a commercial facility, the new hot tub has to be approved by the department of health. Stay tune to this blog for that final announcement!

As well, the room hasn’t been completely repaired and cleaned up. As you can see in the picture, we’ve also replaced the windows and we will be redoing the floor. But if you don’t mind the mess, we will open the hot tub to regular use as soon as it is approved.