What do real Canadians do in the winter?  Take off all their clothes and play nude volleyball of course!


The 8th Annual Holiday Indoor Nude Volleyball Tournament will be taking place this year on January 3rd at Spikes in London, Ontario.  The price will be $15 per person for both players and spectators.  Families with children under 18 will be $30.  Spikes has 4 sand courts.  Courts will be divided up by level of play.  Levels are A, B, Novice Plus and Novice.  The A and B level will be playing a 6=4 on 4 format.  The Novice and Novice Plus levels will be playing a 6 on 6 format.  Registration will start at 9am and game play will start at 9:30am.  So please arrive at 9am sharp!

This year the swim will be followed by a nude swim at Chelsey Park at 312 Oxford Street Westfrom 7pm-8pm.  The facilities also includes a sauna and a hot tub. 

Those who are interested in further evening activities, people will be meeting at Robinson Hall/Thorny Devil restaurant and night club after 8pm 398 Talbot St.  Get there by 9pm to avoid the lines.  Sorry, we have to keep our clothes on for this event.

Please contact Peter Allison at volleyball@BareOaks.ca for more details.