Zippered storage pocket

We’ve had a steady number of requests at the Bare Boutique for a pocket towel to carry keys, money, etc…  (Because as textiles love to point out, we naturists have no pockets!) Variations on the pockets towels have been sold in the past by the FQN, FCN and, most recently, the Nudist Store. Unfortunately, none of these options are still available.

Then last fall, we found this incredibly functional towel. It took the pocket towel well beyond what anyone had seen before!

Slides over back of chair
Folds into a bag

So we brought in 10 towels to gauge the interest. And they sold out within a week! Since then we have brought in 2 more small shipments and sold most of them too. That’s impressive given how little traffic the store gets in the fall and winter. As a result we made sure we had a more significant inventory for the upcoming summer season.

The one difference is that the latest model we carry is terry cloth instead of velour. It is identical in every way except that the price is $10 less. And customers have told us that they prefer the weight, feel, and absorbency of terry towelling.

Pocket Towel Features:

Pockets on the sides
  • Folds into a multifunctional beach bag
  • Terry Towelling finish
  • 213 cm (84″) long – 100% terry towel cotton
  • Top pocket slides securely over back of lounge chair
  • Three pockets either side
  • Separate iPod/MP3 player pocket with loops
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Ties to secure to the lounge chair
Embroidery Option

The towel is available with a 10cm x 12cm Bare Oaks logo embroidered in a complimentary colour on the bottom zippered pocket for $9 more. Please note that this option adds about a week to the delivery time. 

You can also have your name embroidered on the towel for an additional $4. That way there will not be any confusion as to which towel belongs to you. Like the logo embroidery, this option will add about a week to delivery time. 

The Pocket Towel at the Bare Boutique