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Our rates (below) are based on a combination of competitive factors and operational costs. Maintaining an environmentally sensitive setting and preserving a large percentage of the property in its natural state does have a cost. As such, Bare Oaks will never be the lowest cost option for naturism or camping in general.

Having said that, naturism is not just for the wealthy. We do not want economic considerations to stand in the way of people who want to share our naturist world. If you cannot afford our rates, please contact the office. Special arrangements can be made.

If this is your first visit, save time by filling out this form in advance.


While reservations are not required, they are recommended. Hotel rooms and serviced campsites are sometimes fully booked. We require full payment at the time of booking. To reserve: BareOaks.ca/reservations/

Short Term Rates

These rates are for day visitors (non-members) and for overnight guests (both members and non-members). Day visitors can only use the facilities while the office is open. Admission is subject to our policies and first-time visitors will need to fill out our application form. Campers should also review our camping regulations.

We keep sites open for short-term camping. These campsites are not for trailer storage. A trailer or tent can only be on the site while the occupants are using it. Because we have a limited number of campsites, we do this to make sure that as many sites as possible are available for weekend and vacation campers.

Daily Ground Fees (non-members)

Regular Price

$51.33/day (family, couple or single)

INF, FCN/FQN, AANR, TNS members:

$41.59/day (family, couple or single)

Young Adult 18-25 (free as guest of a member)

$10.62/day (family, couple or single)

A couple is defined as any two adults who present themselves as such. A family is one or two adults and unlimited children. The third adult in a family is half price. 


Click here for Accommodation details
Rooms, cabins and campsites do not include ground fees.

stay 3+ nights: SAVE 5%
stay 5+ nights: SAVE 12%
stay 7+ nights: SAVE 20%
On both Ground fees and Accommodations

(rustic – no water or electricity)


(2 services – water & electricity)

$19.47/night (120v, 30 amp)
$52.21/night (240v, 50 amp)


Superior King Room (private bathroom) – $97.33/night + $20/stay housekeeping
Queen Rooms (shared bathroom) – $68.14/night + $20/stay housekeeping


Grand Cabin – $176.99/night + $25/stay housekeeping – 2 nights minimum
Cozy Cabin – $99.12/night plus + $20/stay housekeeping

Long Term Rates

These rates are for members only. Members can have one year-round campsite where they can keep a trailer. Year-round sites are subject to the License of Occupation.

At this time, there is no availability of long-term, serviced campsites. (But we do keep 20 serviced sites open for short-term camping.) If you are interested in a long-term campsite, you have 2 options:

  1. Waiting list
  2. Purchasing a trailer with a campsite (see trailers for sale)

Depending on a number of factors, year-round trailers may be assessed property tax by the government. Click here for details. If a trailer is assessed, the owners will be invoiced for their share of the property tax.

Yearly Membership Fees

Regular (family, couple, or single)

INF, FCN/FQN, AANR, TNS members (family, couple, or single)

Young Adult (18-25) (free as guest of a member)

Memberships purchased mid-year are pro-rated to March 31st (except for late renewals).
A couple is defined as any two adults who present themselves as such. A family is one or two adults and unlimited children. The third adult in a family is half price.


Click here for Accommodation details Long term campsites are only available to members in good standing.

No deck or site alterations allowed


Site Deposit: $475

(2 services – water & electricity)

$2,449/year (regular)
$2,911/year (premium)

Site Deposit: $475

(3 services – water, electricity & septic)

$3,783/year (waterfront)

Site Deposit: $475

Payment Methodsbitcoincredit_cards

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit Cards
  • Cheques
  • Bitcoin
  • Payment Plan: You can break up your payment into monthly installments for up to 12 months. (minimum of $500) Please contact the office for details.


Taxes are not included. In almost all cases, prices are subject to 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
15+ days notice: full refund less a $10 admin fee
8-14 days notice: 75% refund
4-7 days notice: 50% refund
3 days or less notice: No refund

No refunds on yearly memberships or campsite fees.

Electrical Use:
Please note that in order to encourage conservation, electrical sites are metered and an additional charge will apply based on usage.

Yearly Term:
April 1 – March 31 – All memberships & campsites renew on the 1st of April. New memberships/campsites will be prorated accordingly.

Please read our singles policy on our ‘Policies’ page.

Fees that we’d prefer to never charge:

  • Late payment: (more than 30 days overdue) $40 admin plus 2% per month from invoice date.
  • Mowing the lawn on a year-round site: $20/week (unless other arrangements are made in advance)
  • Seizing a vehicle/trailer for non-payment: $500 + expenses
  • Reconnecting electricity if disconnected for non-payment: $50
  • Site cleanup: $250 – $500 plus expenses
  • Trailer/vehicle storage or parking: $20/day (unless other arrangements are made in advance)
  • Parking a vehicle improperly or without a valid permit: $100
  • Visiting without registering: $50 plus applicable visitor fees (and possible expulsion & permanent ban)
  • Driving (in any type of vehicle) at an excessive speed or dangerously: $50 – $200 (and possible driving ban)
  • Rowdy or extremely inappropriate behaviour: $100 (and possible expulsion & permanent ban)