One of the artists that participated in Naked State has lost drives containing 2 years of her work. Gone are both the originals and backups. She is devastated because they are irreplaceable. Please help her if you can!

Reward for missing Electronics

Offering a reward for electronics that went missing the afternoon of Monday August 15th, in the field (where the tents are) just east of the Outback.

Reward is for two drives, if returned with all the data intact.

They are a black external hard drive with with silver G on it, and a silver Lacie drive with an orange case.These had YEARS of professional work, art and projects on them. 

The drives were in a large (40 gallon) gray plastic bin (with cover) together with more electronics, all of which went missing, bin and all, including a GoPro camera, a small Sony HD video camera, a Sony rangefinder (Nex 7, or alpha) camera, a pink selfie stick, and a bunch of cables and adapters etc. 

Asking if people find anything in their subconscious about seeing someone walk around the park with a large gray plastic bin yesterday afternoon. Any information or inquiries can be sent to her at